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Thanks to technology, the automated gate industry has grown in leaps and bounds offering many practical solutions for businesses and homeowners. A vehicle loop detector is one of many technologies that improve vehicular traffic flow on roadways and private property and can even help with safety.

In this article, we highlight how the EMX loop detector can be an effective solution for your vehicle detection needs and the various models available.

What is a Loop Detector?

A loop detector is a device designed to sense the presence of vehicles, and it is commonly used to trigger traffic lights on roadways and count the number of vehicles plying a specific route. The device can also turn on lights on driveways and give arrival notifications.

Loop detectors are also common in the automated gate industry, where they are used to detect vehicular traffic. When a motor vehicle drives over the loop, the detector senses the vehicle and activates a relay that sends a signal to a control unit. The control unit can be a device attached to a barrier gate arm or gate operator, granting access once it receives an output signal.

In addition to opening doors or gates for access and exit, loop detectors can be installed for safety purposes. The loop detector can protect vehicles in the path of a barrier arm, door, or gate so that it doesn’t close on the vehicle while it is still in the pathway.

What Makes an EMX Loop Detector Standout?

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As you probably already know, there are several manufacturers in the induction loop detector industry. Brands such as Doorking, Linear, LiftMaster, and FAAC all make good-quality loop detectors and related accessories.

EMX Industries Inc., however, is one of the most well-respected induction loop and detector manufacturers in the access control industry, having been around for over three decades. The manufacturer is a force to reckon with when it comes to making innovative controls and sensors for various applications across multiple industries.

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, EMX offers products for automatic doors, gates, fences, access control, security, and parking markets with various sensors that can detect the presence of humans and vehicles.

EMX Loop Detector Solutions for Vehicle Detection

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EMX Industries Inc. offers a wide range of vehicle detection solutions based on various sensing technologies. These include:

Induction Loop Vehicle Detectors

Induction loop vehicle detectors use the change in loop frequency (inductance) to sense the presence of vehicles. Some of the vehicle detectors in this category include:


This vehicle loop detector is a 2-channel multi-voltage loop detector designed to only sense the presence of vehicles when they have entered the loop and completely stop moving for at least two seconds. This unique ability is possible by the EMX proprietary Detect-on-Stop (DOS) technology designed to ignore cross traffic, especially in tight spaces.


  • Space-saving design (fits nicely into smaller operator housings)
  • Green product (consumes low current)
  • Crosstalk and RFI interface display offers quick interference identification


This device is a multi-voltage loop detector with two relays and a built-in loop conditioner. It works in both fail-secure and fail-safe modes and is an excellent option for a frequency counter.


  • Universal voltage
  • Ten sensitivity settings
  • Gold-plated control contacts

Magnetoresistive Vehicle Detectors

Vehicles passing near a magnetoresistive vehicle detector cause a change in the earth’s magnetic field. Vehicle detectors built with this technology measure the magnetic field change to detect the presence of a vehicle. The EMX LRS-DB-50-K is a prime example of this type of vehicle detector.


This model features three-axis magnetoresistive detector technology and works well in various applications, including drive-thru windows, car washes, loading docks, etc.


  • Select any of the three-axis independently
  • Remote control for easy programming
  • Stand-alone sensor

Microwave Motion Detectors

These loop detectors use microwave technology to sense the presence of vehicles and send output signals that activate overhead doors.

If an in-ground loop is not feasible for your application, an overhead door detector with microwave motion technology offers a better vehicle detection solution, whether for an outdoor or indoor application.

Options in this category include:

1. EMX Owl

The EMX Owl activates automatic gates and doors using infrared and microwave technology. It uses highly effective filter settings to ignore parallel traffic, thanks to two relay outputs that can sense presence and motion.


  • Two configurable relay outputs
  • Can differentiate between pedestrians, cross-traffic, and vehicles
  • Remote control

2. EMX Raven

The EMX Raven is the brand’s most common overhead vehicle detector, designed to differentiate between vehicles and people. It has a dual relay output that can be configured to allow human access independently of vehicle access, making it a great option for custom entry control.


  • Two easy-to-configure relay outputs
  • Adjustable sensitivity and cross-traffic suppression
  • Optional remote control

3. EMX Hawk

The EMX Hawk is an affordable microwave motion sensor that can cover a wide area. It is easy to install and has flexible mounting heights, suitable for standard overhead door and gate installations.


  • Programmable functions
  • Directional sensitivity
  • K-band microwave technology

Ultrasonic Vehicle Detectors

An EMX loop detector designed using ultrasonic vehicle sensing technology works by measuring the sound waves generated by vehicles.

Two products in this category are:


The USVD-4X is an incredibly affordable drive-thru loop vehicle detector designed to mount on posts for effective vehicle detection. There is no complex installation, adjustment, or setup necessary to get this device up and running.


  • Robust design with a streamlined operation
  • Easy to set up above ground


In addition to being an ultrasonic vehicle detector, this drive-thru alert kit provides audible alerts, making it a good choice for:

  • Fast food establishments
  • Car washes
  • Busy parking facilities
  • Other loud work environments


  • Audible chime suitable for noisy environments
  • Streamlined operation with easy setup

The Right Vehicle Detection Solution for your Needs

EMX Industries Inc strictly adheres to the ISO 9001 quality control requirement, so choosing an EMX loop detector ensures that you have reliable performance for many years to come. If exceptional performance tops your list of priorities, check out these comprehensive vehicle detection solutions from EMX listed on our site.

You can contact us if you have any questions about our products or services; we would be happy to help. Thanks for reading!

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