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Smart locks can make life easier by eliminating unnecessary stress like constantly looking for your keys or worrying about leaving your door unlocked while you are away from home.

With modern tech-enabled locks, you can unlock your door for visitors without leaving the comfort of your sofa, and there’s no need to keep a spare key under your doormat. In fact, you don’t need a physical key when you have a modern digital lock on your door, so you automatically rid yourself of that burden.

Despite all of these advantages, you’ll be right to wonder how secure smart locks can be considering that internet-enabled devices can be hacked.

If you are considering upgrading to smart locks and are concerned about safety, this article will help ease your worries and also put straight some of the common misconceptions about digital locks.

How Secure Are Smart Locks?

Yale LiftMaster Smart Keypad Lever Lock with Smart Garage Control | LMLEVPACK

Smart locks are similar to traditional locks in more ways than one and they are comparatively more secure than regular locks. Users can operate the locking mechanism remotely, making them significantly more practical for homeowners and businesses.

Here are the standout safety and convenient features that make an electronic lock worth the investment:

Safety Features

  • Improved monitoring system: Users receive alerts about entries and exits on their smartphones.
  • Create multiple unique access codes: Some programmable digital locks let you create different access codes for each user, making it easy to identify who enters your home or business.
  • Integrates with existing lock, security camera, and systems like Google Home: Smart locks can work with your video intercom to increase security.
  • Anti-bumping technology: Lockpickers use bumping to pick door locks. Thanks to bumping guard technology, some smart door lock models can make it difficult to pick the lock.
  • Easily limit access: Taking away access from anyone is as simple as changing the access code on your electronic door lock.

Convenience Features

  • Remote access: Smart locks allow you to unlock and lock your door from anywhere via a mobile app, your apple watch, or using your digital assistant. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Backlit keypad: Illumination makes it easy to see the keypad in low-light conditions.
  • Automatically lock doors: You can program your doors to automatically lock after being left unlocked for a specific amount of time. That way, you don’t have to worry about leaving your door unlocked while you are away from home or your business.

Common Misconceptions About Smart Locks

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Now that we have answered the question, “how secure are smart locks?” let’s shift our focus to correcting some common misconceptions about modern digital locks.

1. Smart Locks are too Complicated and Difficult to Operate

As with most things computer-related, some people naturally assume that upgrading from a traditional lock to a smart lock will come with a steep learning curve, but that’s not the case.

While smart locks are based on complex tech programs, they are super easy to operate and come with features that allow authorized users to easily access their homes and businesses. Besides, manufacturers include detailed user manuals and installation guides with the product.

2. It is impossible to Access Smart Locks if Something Happens to Your Smartphone

This notion is simply incorrect, as smart locks can be accessed from more than one smart home device. If you lose your smartphone or something happens that prevents you from using your smartphone, you can log into your digital lock from another smart device, unlock or lock your door, and remotely change the access code if you want.

3. The Locks are Not Safe Because They can be Easily Hacked

This misconception is very common because nearly all internet-enabled devices can be hacked. Smart locks are not easy to hack because most advanced models have end-to-end encryptions to secure your data. In addition to keypad entry, many smart locks have other authentication layers and smart features, including face recognition, voice control, and fingerprint reader. This allows users to combine various authentication modes to increase security.

4. Smart Locks are Not Practical Security Solutions for Businesses

Contrary to this common misconception, digital locks provide a more efficient and convenient experience for business owners and customers. Whether you manage a multi-family building, office, or retail store, smart locks eliminate the need to routinely replace stolen or lost keys.

Rekeying doesn’t just cost money and time; it also increases the risk of unauthorized access and puts the property manager and tenants under unnecessary stress.

5. You Can’t Use Smart Locks During Heavy Storms and Power Outages

A simple understanding of how keyless entry locks are powered will debunk this myth. These digital devices are battery-powered, meaning they will continue to function as usual in a power failure and no matter the weather.

Most smart locks feature batteries that can work continuously for 6 to 12 months, so you don’t have to worry about your smart lock running out of battery power too soon. Besides, many modern digital locks provide updates on the battery life right on your smartphone, letting you know when you need to replace the battery several weeks in advance.

6. Smart Locks Are Overpriced

Indeed, smart locks are generally more expensive than traditional locks, however, the advantages of installing a smart lock on your door outweigh the extra cost by far.

In addition to not needing physical keys, smart locks allow homeowners and business owners to constantly monitor who goes in and comes out of their buildings. Also, you can easily share access with multiple users and enjoy increased business or home security.

Smart locks are available at various price points, so you can easily find a model that suits your budget.

Ready to Upgrade to Smart Locks?

Hopefully, your mind is more at ease after reading the above information, and you’re all set to install a keyless lock at your smart home or business.

As you probably may have guessed, not all smart locks are created equal. Popular brands include the August Smart Lock Pro, Schlage Sense and Schlage Encode, and the Ultraloq U Bolt Pro. At All Security Equipment, we feature a selection of quality models from reliable smart lock manufacturers like Schlage Residential Yale Smart Lock. They can be used with the existing deadbolt from your standard lock for quick and easy installation.

We’ve debunked some of the most common misconceptions about smart locks in this blog post, but if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to make sure that you feel confident in your purchase and understand all the benefits that smart locks can offer. Thanks for reading!

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