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It’s no secret that added security is a common concern for many businesses. However, only a few grasp the value or need for a gate keypad lock system. Typically, business owners know the access issues that crop up and strive for convenience. Nevertheless, they fail to realize that the answer to the problem lies in access regulation.

Why Does A Business Require A Gate Keypad Lock System?

If you’re uncertain as to whether you need a gate keypad lock system for your premises, let’s explore a few reasons why it’s a worthwhile investment.

1. People Enter the Premises without Your Knowledge

While it may seem trivial, the last thing you need is for vendors, staff members, or customers to access the building as they please. Unmonitored activity in your premises can breed a host of problems. It’s common to hear business owners express immense frustration from their employees entering the premises on weekends or weeknights without their knowledge, which usually leads to security breaches.

2. Diminish Theft

Let’s face it. No business owner wants to imagine a scenario of their employees stealing from them. However, according to the US Chamber of Commerce, 75% of staff steal from their employer at least once. While it’s impractical for access control to curb theft entirely, a gate keypad lock system can deter it by preventing employees from gaining entry into the premises outside their shifts or after office hours.

3. Mitigate Staff Negligence

Forgetting to lock doors is a common occurrence. As human beings, making mistakes is inevitable. However, this is a grave mistake that can put assets, property, and sensitive information at risk. Whether or not your employees remember to lock the doors on the weekends and at night can deter the security measures you’ve put in place for your business.

4. Curb Staff Members from Accidentally Getting Locked Out

On the downside, a business that lacks a gate keypad lock system has to endure the hassle of employees accessing the building as needed. Perhaps a staff member chose to get a head start on the day by arriving earlier at work and has to wait on another employee with a key to gain entry. Perhaps a worker dashed to their car to grab something only to come back and find the door to the building locked. These are a few of the various issues that can evoke immense frustration and are time-consuming for you and your employees.

5. Rekeying the Doors Is Pricey

Whether an employee lost their keys or was laid off and failed to return their keys, you’ll need to rekey every door lock to ensure the safety of your organization. On the flip side, frequently rekeying the doors can set you back financially as it is costly. Additionally, redistributing the keys to the appropriate employees can be tedious.

6. Enhanced Tracking

Business owners typically want to monitor who has access to the premises and when. For example, a manager might want to know if a staff member habitually shows up late to work. Perhaps you’re trying to get ahead of the employee theft that typically happens on weekends by knowing who works at those times. With a gate keypad lock system, you gain insight into the people entering the premises and the time.

7. Monitor Access to Different Parts of the Building

If your business has rooms or offices containing sensitive data, it’s a no-brainer that you want to restrict access to these areas. For instance, you don’t want any employee entering the server room. With a gate keypad lock system, you can cordon off particular areas of your business.

Best Gate Keypad Lock Systems

Armed with a few reasons why a gate keypad lock system is a great investment, here are the best smart lock options to choose from.

1. Schlage Residential Grade 1 keypad Lock

schlage residential grade 1 keypad lock

This electric lock system runs on four AA batteries, so you don’t have to depend on a power outlet. Additionally, it automatically locks upon closure. That makes it a perfect outdoor gate for family homes with kids, pets, and a good choice if you're looking for a pool gate.

To activate the Schlage Residential Grade 1 keypad Lock, you’ll need to craft a unique five-digit pin for each side of the lock. That grants you free rein to use a different code for each side of the lock or a standard code for both sides. After successful installation, there are no lock cylinders to pick, and the lock will remain securely in place, making it an uphill battle to remove with elbow grease.

With a matte bronze finish, the Schlage Residential Grade 1 keypad Lock comes with a limited three-year warranty. Furthermore, it’s best suited for doors with a thickness ranging from 1-3/8 inches to 1¾ inches and a latch backset ranging from 2-3/8 inches to 2¾ inches.

2. Yale Liftmaster Smart Keypad Lock

yale liftmaster smart keypad lock isolated on white background

With a reliable mechanical operation, a keypad lock system that wakes after one touch, and backlit digits that won’t wear off, there’s no denying that the Yale LiftMaster Smart Keypad Lock is a worthwhile investment. The absence of a keyhole means you don't have to worry about lock-picking, and the 9V battery backup means you won't get locked out because of lost batteries.

The Yale LiftMaster Smart Keypad Lock is compatible with Key by Amazon for seamless delivery. For enhanced security, keep the garage entry door locked during delivery. Additionally, the unit has built-in WiFi, allowing you effortlessly sync to a home network or smart platforms and devices.

The Yale Lift Master Smart Keypad Lock includes a limited lifetime warranty and is compatible with doors of varying thickness, from 1-3/8 inches to 2¼ inches. Moreover, it comes in oil-glazed bronze and functions on most standard doors with deadbolt allowance.

3. DormaKaba E-Plex 2000

dormakaba e plex 2000 keypad lock isolated on white background

The DormaKaba E-Plex 2000 is designed with left-hand door installation in mind and is effortlessly changeable in the field. Additionally, it’s non-handed and pre-assembled to make the installation process a walk in the park. The cylindrical locks come in standard packaging with the ASA A115.2 Strike coupled with the A115.3 ANSI T-strike. The smallest style needed is 127mm, which translates to 5 inches. The DormaKaba E-Plex 2000 gate keypad lock system comes with a key-in 6-inch, 1539 lever cylinder with a C-keyway.

Made of solid cast levers, a cylindrical drive that’s undergone rigorous testing for an array of outdoor and indoor applications, and a solid cast outer housing, the keypad lock repels moisture and grease, making it a breeze to sanitize and clean. It’s also resistant to rust, water, and corrosion. Its satin chrome polished finish also oozes elegance.


With a gate keypad access control system, you can regulate entry into your premises. It comes in handy in limiting those who enter your building, where they go, and the access times to get the added security you're looking for.

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