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Gone are the days of the physical labor required to lift a heavy garage door. Garage door openers are now the norm and are an easy way to open and close a garage on demand.

Commercial garage doors are especially heavy-duty, so it’s important to find the right garage door opener that gives your quick entry into your space. Liftmaster is a well-known company trusted by many for their garage door needs, so it’s the perfect place to seek a quality commercial garage door opener.

Read on to learn more about why garage door openers are important and find out what the best Liftmaster garage door opener is to make accessing your garage a lot easier.

Why is a Garage Door Opener Important?

Garage door openers operate your garage overhead door to allow access into and out of your garage. There are several reasons why you need a good-quality garage door opener.

First, and most importantly, garage door openers ensure your safety. As mentioned, garage doors are heavy and require a lot of physical labor to open, which makes manual operation of them dangerous. A garage door opener on a commercial door makes opening and closing them a lot safer. Your garage door opener’s sensors are also able to detect any obstacles that may be in the way, an additional safety feature.

Garage door openers also provide convenience and comfort, often with remote controls that do the work for you, saving you time when you need to enter the garage.

Now let’s talk about LiftMaster commercial garage door openers in particular.

Best LiftMaster Commercial Garage Door Openers

What makes LiftMaster commercial garage door openers unique is the brand’s MyQ Technology which lets you control your garage door from your smartphone, no matter how far away you are.

What’s more is that LiftMaster garage door openers have some of the most powerful motors on the market: the P3 motor.

The P3 motor provides maximum performance without the expected noise - this garage door opener features quiet operation, so you won’t disrupt anyone as you come in and out. LiftMaster motors also have backup power, so you’re prepared for the unexpected.

LiftMaster has a variety of options for commercial garage doors and industrial applications. Here are three commercial garage door openers to check out to make your life easier.

LiftMaster Mh 5011u Commercial Garage Door Opener

liftmaster mh 5011u commercial garage door opener isolated on white background

The LiftMaster MH 5011u is a commercial garage door opener from their medium-duty series, which is ideal for lighter commercial doors and frequent use.

This hoist operator has the standard open, close, and stop functions that you expect from a commercial garage door opener. However, it also comes with a maintenance alert system that lets you know when your garage door opener needs routine maintenance.

This garage door opener is versatile, with the ability to mount it on the left or right side of your garage door. Installation is easy, all you have to do is mount it on the wall and attach it to the door shaft through the chain and sprocket. You can also adjust it for optimal accuracy and to ensure that it works even if you run out of power.

If for any reason it does fail, use the emergency chain house with an electric interlock or easily accessible disconnect.

You can program the door to automatically close anywhere from one to 15 seconds, and you can signal the door to stop or reverse when it recognizes when closing time exceeds maximum door travel, preventing any damage to the door.

LiftMaster MJ5011U Premium Series

liftmaster mj5011u medium duty jackshaft operator

According to LiftMaster, the LiftMaster MJ5011U Premium Series is a medium-duty jackshaft garage door opener, suitable for smaller commercial doors that have duty cycle requirements in the mid-range.

It has a 12 cycles per hour maximum duty cycle and works well for doors with a high lift or vertical lift, as well as rolling doors small in size and grilles. You can program the time-to-close to be anywhere from 5 seconds to 60 seconds, completed in 5-second increments.

For easy installation and operation, this commercial garage door opener comes with a 3-button station as well as commercial photo eyes with a maximum range of 30 seconds.

The photo eyes come with sensor lights that indicate correct sensor alignment, and the yellow safety housing provides more visibility, which is perfect for industrial settings.

The other commercial accessories that this LiftMaster commercial garage door opener comes with include:

  • Single-button control
  • Auxiliary limit switches
  • An interlock switch

With all of the standard functions you expect from a commercial garage door opener, this is more affordable than the MH series, but due to the low duty cycle, it is only ideal for minimal commercial use.

LiftMaster MT5011U Premium Medium Duty Trolley Operator

liftmaster mt5011u premium medium duty commercial trolley motor operator

Last on our list of commercial garage door openers is the LiftMaster MT5011U medium-duty trolley operator.

This is another medium-duty garage door opener with 12 cycles per hour, 50 cycles per day maximum, similar accessories to the MJ5011U.

But what primarily makes this commercial door opener different is that it suspends from the ceiling to directly attach to and control a sectional door. This is a preference for many people, as it keeps the operator out of the way.

For emergencies, there is a trolley disconnect that disengages the operator to allow manual lifting.

Wrap up

Garage doors make everyday life easier, save you time, and potentially add value to your space. Commercial spaces are especially in need of the convenience that garage door openers bring, so it’s important to invest in the right one.

LiftMaster commercial garage door openers are some of the best quality garage door operators on the market. Be sure to choose the right one for your business needs, and you’ll take the difficulty out of going in and out of your garage.

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