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For businesses like banks, quick service restaurants, and even delivery services, drive-thru alert systems are an important part of their operations. Installing such a system can be time consuming and costly if you source all components individually. That’s why EMX has created Drive-Thru Alert System Solutions. This comprehensive package allows customers to save both time and money while ensuring that their drive thru alert system works efficiently. Let’s take a look at how this package helps you speed up the installation process for any new or existing structure.

Time Saving Benefits

EMX’s drive thru alert system solutions provide numerous time-saving benefits to customers looking to install such a system in any new or existing structure. First off, it eliminates the need to source multiple components from different vendors. Instead, customers get everything included in one single package—from sensors and loops that go in/near the ground, wiring for bringing the system online, beacons for alerts when vehicles arrive, and more—at an affordable cost. Not only does this streamline the sourcing process but it also ensures that all components are compatible with each other and will work together as a unified system.

EMX's Access Control team has put together an incredible array of drive thru alert systems that are designed to save time and effort when it comes to installation. Each system is already kitted and prepped, so installation takes no time at all. Through fast setup, easy connectivity and simple management, these systems are focusing on giving you the most value out of their effective technology. It's no wonder why their line of products has become so popular among customers who need fast and reliable product solutions. You won't be disappointed with the access control systems from EMX.

EMX Drive-Thru Alert Kit | EMX-DAK-2ULTMVP

A complete system for detecting vehicles and alerting staff.

  • Ready to install, complete system
  • Detect vehicles & alert staff
  • Includes 2 induction loop sensors, 2 loop detectors, alert strobe/chime
  • Pre-wired enclosure with components pre-installed
  • Perfect all in one solution for applications requiring dual-zone detection and alert


  • Two EMX ULT-MVP Vehicle Detectors with LD-11 Connectors
  • Two EMX PR-46-100 Induction Loops
  • One SLM500B LED Beacon and Sounder with SLMBW-012-024GY Wall Mount Bracket
  • One 120VAC to 24VDC Power Supply
  • NEMA 1 Electrical Enclosure
EMX Ultrasonic Drive Thru Alert Kit | EMX-DAK-USVD


  • Triangular Planar Array Technology
  • Aux. relay, settings for pulse on ENTRY, EXIT or BOTH
  • Output delay option for 1, 2 and 4 seconds
  • Operating range: 1ft. – 5ft.
  • Response time: 2.0 seconds
  • Supply Voltage12…24 VDC/VAC
  • Relay output configuration: 2 SPDT (form C)
  • Audible Chime w/ 6 melodies
  • Adjustable Volume (up to 100 dBA)
  • CE compliant


  • EMX CHIME-100 Audible Chime EMX-5419-1
  • EMX USVD-4X Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector EMX-2700-1

The Complete Package you Need at Any Job Site

When it comes to installing drive-thru alert systems in new or existing structures, using EMX's Drive-Thru Alert System Solutions is a great way to save both time and money. With everything included in one single package at an affordable cost plus the added benefit of technical support throughout the entire installation process, customers can rest assured knowing that they’ll have their systems up and running quickly thanks to this comprehensive solution from EMX. If you have any questions about EMX's drive-thru alert system solutions and how they can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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