Fingerprint Access Controllers

Fine Features of Fingerprint Access Controllers!

Access Control
Over the past few decades, the image of manual access control systems has been replaced by technological access control systems especially in the c...
Electric Strikes

Why Switch to Electric Strike Locks?

Access Control
In today’s world, it is essential to upgrade your security level. For this, you need to replace your old locks as it is hard to completely rely on ...
Telephone Entry Systems

Always Feel Protected with Advanced Telephone Entry Systems

telephone entry systems
Designed for apartments and gated communities, telephone entry systems have been proven vital in past for safeguarding the privacy of people and pr...
Magnetic Lock Brackets

Magnetic Locks for the Enhanced Safety of Your Establishment!

Magnetic Locks
In today’s world where everything calls for a touch of elegance while serving its core purpose at the fullest. From apparel to its accessories and ...
Multicode Remote Control for Garage

How to Set Up Your Multicode Remote Control for Your Garage

Access Control
A multi-code remote is a device that helps you open and close your garage door remotely. As a garage owner, having this device will help you save t...
Electromagnetic Door Lock

Electromagnetic Door Locks for Efficient and Convenient Door Access Control

Magnetic Locks
With scores of robberies and other unlawful activities, it has become highly essential for property owners to make their establishments safer. When...
Linear AP5 receiver

Linear AP5 Receiver Gate Operator with Wireless Access Controller

Access Control
Technology has come so far. In today’s world, we get to know about new inventions very frequently. The improvement in technology has made our lives...
Liftmaster RSW12U Swing Gate Opener

Liftmaster RSW12U Residential Light Commercial Swing Gate Operator

Gate Operators
The RSW12U is a residential light commercial gate operator that delivers accurate control of the gate and performance. Have the freedom to control ...

Question regarding the Apollo 635/636 Control Board

Questions & Answers
Question: Robert from California has himself a really interesting situation… I had an Apollo 635 / 636 installed in Jan./02. Gate began behaving ve...

Question: I need to know how to lock my Apollo 1550 gate open for a full day?

Questions & Answers
Let’s see if we can answer some questions today… Bobby in Mississippi would like to know: I need to know how to lock my Apollo 1550 gate open for a...
Proximity Card Systems

Manage Your Staff with Proximity Card Systems

Access Control
Running a business is not child’s play and not everyone is capable enough of establishing and managing an enterprise. It needs dedication, talent, ...
Multicode Remote Control for Safety

Multicode Remote Control – A Device for Improved Safety and Access

Access Control
Garage door openers with remote controls make life simpler and easier. Now, you can drive into your garage by just pushing a button without the nee...