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Wondering how to reset your LiftMaster garage door keypad? This article shows you step-by-step instructions on how to do just that.

Before we get to it, let’s discuss why you should reset your garage door keypad.

Reasons to Reset Your Garage Door Keypad

Resetting your garage door keypad is a vital security step you must take to keep your home safe at all times. If you’re wondering why it is critical to reset your keypad, consider the following reasons.

  1. You just moved to a new home: Reset the garage door code if you recently moved into a new home to ensure only you and your family know the new access code.
  2. You can’t remember your old code: If you have trouble remembering your access code, consider resetting it to something you can easily remember.
  3. A tenant moves out of your home: It is advisable to reset your garage door keypad if a tenant moves away from your home, whether or not you think they know your access code. This ensures they are ruled out in case of a future intrusion.
  4. You think someone knows your code: No one else should know your keyless entry code besides you and your family. If someone else knows your access code, they can easily enter your home through your garage when no one is home.

Quickly reset your keypad pin if you suspect someone has access to your garage without authorization. Intruders can easily guess keypad codes that include your address, birthday, or numbers in a series. Make sure to choose a random, hard-to-guess code to deter intruders.

  1. There is suspicious activity in your neighborhood: If one or more neighbors report suspicious activities around their homes, there might be a potential intruder on the prowl. Consider resetting your garage door keypad and safeguarding your remote control.

How to Reset a LiftMaster Garage Door Keypad

Whatever your reason for resetting your LiftMaster garage door keypad, here are the steps to complete this task with ease:

Step 1: Locate the Learn Button

The Learn button on your garage door opener or LiftMaster wall control panel stores your security pin or code. That means you have to clear the stored code to reset your keypad.

To do this:

  • Climb a stepladder to access the control panel of your overhead door opener. You don’t need a ladder if your LiftMaster operating unit features a wall control panel.
  • Press and release the Learn button.

Before you press the Learn button, ensure that none of your neighbors are using their garage door remotes. Here’s why:

Once you press the Learn button, anyone using their garage door remote within a certain range may accidentally program your garage door opener with their remote. That means they can open your garage door whenever they operate their remote.

While your neighbors may not necessarily enter your home, you don’t want them to open your garage door without authorization.

Step 2: Enter a New Pin Number

You have 30 seconds to enter a new code on the keypad.

To do this:

  • Head back to the keypad outside the garage.
  • Type in a 4-digit code on the keypad.
  • Press the Enter key. The light bulb on your LiftMaster garage door opener will blink, and you might hear a click. This means you’ve successfully reset the keypad and programmed a new security pin.

Step 3: Test the New Security Code

You should test your security code to confirm the keypad reset. Consider having your LiftMaster remote handy if something goes wrong and you get locked out of your garage. In that case, you have another way to get inside.

To test your new access code:

  • Enter your new code on the keypad.
  • Press the Enter key.

Your garage door should open if you’ve done the steps correctly.

Programming Your LiftMaster Garage Door Keypad for the First Time

If you’ve just purchased a new LiftMaster garage door keypad, you need to program it to control your garage door opener.

Luckily, programming your garage door opener and keypad for first-time use is not rocket science. Here’s how to do it in three simple steps:

Step 1: Get the Keypad Ready for Your Unique Code

Unlike resetting the keypad where you start from the garage door opener, programming your keypad for the first time requires getting the keypad ready to communicate with the garage door openers and receive your unique code.

Here’s what to do:

  • Press and hold the asterisk (*) and pound (#) keys.
  • Hold the keys down a few seconds until you see a solid red light on the keypad.

Step 2: Activate the Garage Door Opener

Next, you want to get your garage door opener ready to communicate with the new keypad.

To do this:

  • Place a stepladder underneath your garage door opener.
  • Climb the ladder and locate the Learn button on the control panel of the garage door opener. It is usually a colored button on most units. If you can’t find a colored button, look for the button next to the “Learn” label.
  • Press and release the Learn button. Note that if your LiftMaster garage door opener comes with a MyQ Panel, you need to repeat this process twice; press and release the Learn button twice.

Step 3: Enter Your Unique Code

With the keypad and LiftMaster operating unit prepped, it is time to enter your 4-digit code that opens your garage door.

To do this:

  • Type your preferred 4-digit code on the keypad (remember to choose random numbers).
  • Press the Enter key. The light bulb on your LiftMaster garage door opener will blink, indicating the codes are successfully entered and set.
  • Press the 0 key to end programming.

Remember that you need to enter your 4-digit code within 30 seconds of activating the garage door opener. You’ll have to start over if you don’t type in the code within 30 seconds after pressing the Learn button.

Programming a LiftMaster Garage Door Keypad plus New myQ Video Keypad Review

How to Program and Reset a LiftMaster Garage Door Keypad

LiftMaster Garage Door Keypads

Now that you know how to reset your LiftMaster garage door keypad, you are in a better position to add or change your codes anytime you wish.

Always ensure that your keypad code is known only by you and your family. We recommend periodically changing the access code to reduce the chance of outsiders guessing it and entering your garage without your authorization.

If you have any questions about this process or anything else related to your garage door, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help our customers keep their homes safe and secure.


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