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If you are looking to maximize your garage space, it may be time to upgrade your door opener. Swap the old overhead garage door opener with the LiftMaster jackshaft opener and see how roomy your garage can get.

The LiftMaster jackshaft opener is a hot seller and rightly so. With more benefits than traditional garage door openers, owners enjoy its convenient, safe, and secure operation, all bundled into its space-saving design.

Read on to learn more about LiftMaster products and some tips to consider when buying your door opener.

What Is the LiftMaster Jackshaft Opener?

jackshaft opener, or wall mount door opener, is mounted on either side of the garage door. It’s connected to the torsion bar, the part of the opener that raises and lowers the door.

The LiftMaster’s innovative jackshaft opener is equipped with convenient and safe features. It has a sleek design that easily mounts beside the door to free your ceiling, giving you more headroom.

It operates remotely using myQ technology through the LiftMaster Internet Gateway. The LiftMaster jackshaft opener also has a powerful motor for guaranteed reliable and powerful performance.

LiftMaster has the following choices for a jackshaft opener

Features of the LiftMaster Jackshaft Opener

LiftMaster is one of the most dominant companies when it comes to gates, garages, and door security. The LiftMaster jackshaft opener is just one of its excellent systems that fits well in residential garages as well as commercial doors.

The LiftMaster 8500 opener is ideal for garages with low or obstructed ceilings or those with cathedral ceilings.

Without being attached to the building’s frame, jackshaft openers also operate quietly. It saves you from all the vibrations that the overhead belt and chain door opener experience.

The LiftMaster 8500 has the following ingenious features:

  • Automatic garage door lock for an added layer of security
  • Secure code to prevent unauthorized access
  • Safety sensors that stop the door from closing when something is on its way
  • myQ remote LED light
  • myQ Home Connectivity for remote and smart operation
  • Soft start/stop
  • Timer to close
  • DC power for uninterrupted performance

Note: You can buy a separate battery backup for the LiftMaster 8500. If you want the unit with an integrated battery backup, choose the LiftMaster 8500W.

What to Consider When Upgrading to a Jackshaft Opener

The type of ceiling can be a primary reason to consider a jackshaft opener. Garages with low ceilings can benefit from the ceiling space it can save.

Sloped and high ceilings also make it difficult to install a garage door opener motor. This problem is solved with easy-to-install wall mount garage door openers. However, it should be noted that you also must have ample space on the wall to accommodate it.

Before splurging on an upgrade, here are a few factors you need to consider:

Size and Weight of the Door

Size and weight are important when buying any gate, door, or garage door openers. To make them operate smoother and last longer, make sure that the door opener is compatible with the gate’s weight. 

Heavy doors can wear down the spring or torsion bar easily. Conversely, lighter doors can become damaged easily when the door opener is too powerful.

The LiftMaster Jackshaft Opener 8500, for example, is rated to operate doors of about 650 lbs and 14 x 18 ft in size.

Garage Door Type

Garage doors have different styles and a jackshaft opener may not work in some of them. A garage door can be roll-up, sectional, tilt-up, slide, or side-hinged.

Many jackshaft openers only work with roll-ups and sectional doors. So, check the specs of the door opener before buying to see if it’s compatible with your door type.


Jackshaft openers operate using different power sources and supplies. You can find jackshaft openers that use AC or DC power. There are also solar-power-ready units.

An AC garage door opener is typically more powerful. For residential doors, DC door openers offer sufficient power, like the 24V DC of the LiftMaster 8500W.

Plus, the battery backup provides uninterrupted service despite power failures and outages. It means that remote operation is not disabled so you can still operate the door without having to manually do so.

Home Connectivity

Speaking of remote operation, you may also want to consider remote connectivity for your new jackshaft operator. This kind of connectivity enables you to manage your garage door from the web or smartphone from wherever you are.

LiftMaster gate and garage door openers have this innovative feature using the myQ app which syncs the smart control panel with many smart devices.

Safety Features

Automatic garage doors with programmable safety settings are the best option for any residential or commercial door.

LiftMaster models have safety sensors that prevent the door from slamming into something or someone. It also has motion detection which automatically turns on the remote light when someone is around.

Moreover, it has an automatic power lock deadbolt which secures the door after it is closed.

Pros and Cons of a Jackshaft Door Opener

Still unsure whether to upgrade your door opener or not? Weigh in on these advantages and disadvantages of a jackshaft garage door opener.


Variable Placement

A wall mounted installation provides more options when it comes to installing everything. Go for brands with sleek and streamlined designs to give you more freedom when it comes to your wall space.

Programming an overhead door opener alone is tricky. With the jackshaft opener, you can easily access the unit when programming its control panel or remote.

Free Up Some Storage Space

Make your garage more spacious, or turn that ceiling space into a functional storage space by going with handy wall mount openers.

Without an overhead motor standing in the way, larger items like your bicycle can still utilize your overhead space.

Greater Safety and Security

Some of the jackshaft door openers use rolling door codes which are safer than the traditional fixed code from DIP switches.

A rolling code door security uses an algorithm that generates a new remote control code every time. It is difficult to bypass or hack and increases the security of the garage doors.

Additionally, it has a Protector System or safety sensors which decreases the possibility of crashing. It automatically reverses the door when it spots a door obstruction.



With the benefits and convenience that the jackshaft garage opener offers, expect it to be costlier than traditional openers. But then again, when it comes to benefits and functionality, it is well worth its price.

If you want to upgrade your entire garage door, choose the jackshaft system for an almost lifetime investment.

Upgrading to LiftMaster Jackshaft Opener

Are you fully convinced of the convenient advantages the jackshaft opener offers? 

Check out the LiftMaster jackshaft opener at All Security Equipment when you want a reliable and durable product. We offer authentic LiftMaster products and their related accessories to make life more convenient for you.

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