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A gate opener is an automatic operator that opens and closes a gate by itself whenever it’s triggered to do so. It eliminates the tedious work which is involved in manually opening and closing a gate whenever you’re entering and exiting the building.

Although installing a gate in your driveway prevents vandalization and theft, a gate opener provides an easier way to control who can and cannot enter your property. There are two popular gates operators: the swing and the sliding gate openers. In this article, we will focus on the different sliding gate openers. Without ado, let’s dive in!

Types of Sliding Gate Openers

Here are the three types of sliding gate openers. This classification is made based on the working mechanism of the sliding gate operator.

Chain-Drive Sliding Gate Openers

As its name implies, the chains are used to drive these types of gates. The working mechanism is that chains are connected through the length of the gate to the drive gear and the catcher, which are usually on either side of the gate.

The advantage of using a gate operator with this working mechanism is that it’s easy to install and maintain. It’s also less expensive and can be used in areas with a minimum requirement for security. It requires frequent maintenance, is noisy; and usually leaves grease across its path, which is not usually aesthetically pleasing.

Rack and Pinion Gate Opener

The rack and pinion opener is not so popular in the US. Unlike the chain-drive operator, which is attached to the gate, the rack and pinion opener’s driver gear and the control board are housed separately from the gate. The gate is usually driven by a pinion attached to the control board.

Unlike the chain-drive, the rack and pinion opener is not noisy and doesn’t leave a line of grease across its driveway, so it’s aesthetically pleasing. The only disadvantage is finding its path can be difficult because it’s not popular in the US.

Rail Drive Opener

These are usually heavy-duty gate openers used where security is a top priority, like in prison or military bases. They are driven by rails and can be used with heavier gates. Rail-driven gate openers have a long reach, so they are perfect for use with enormous gates. These gates are strong and suitable for areas with frequent usage. The rail drive opener is expensive, though.

Sliding Gate Openers Buying Guide: What to Consider when Buying a Sliding Gate Opener

Now that you know the sliding gate openers offered at All Security Equipment, let’s talk about everything you need to consider making a perfect buy. In this section, we will discuss the factors you need to consider when you want to shop for your sliding gate operator. Let’s dive in.

Weight of your Gate

The type of gate opener you invest in depends on the weight and size of your gate. Just like your gate depends on the load-bearing capacity of its column, the type of gate opener you shop for also depends on the weight and size of the gate.

So before you make your final buying decision, know the weight of the gate and have a knowledge of the load-bearing capacity of the gate operator. What’s the maximum weight the gate operator can bear? Buying a gate opener with a higher weight-bearing capacity than the weight of the gate will make the gate opener last longer.

Frequency of Use

Frequency of use is another factor to consider when you’re shopping for a gate opener. Is the property commercial or residential? How frequently do people come in and out of the property? You should know that the type of gate opener you’ll buy depends on the use of the property. For example, the type of gate opener that you use at home will differ from those used in the public car park or in an industrial setting.


Daily entry to and exit from commercial properties are high compared to your home. So, because of the frequency of use, the working parts of the commercial property gate openers wear off faster than those used in private properties. So, it’s necessary to understand the frequency of use of the property before buying.

How will the Gate Opener be Powered?

An automatic gate opener requires a power source to operate. So when you are shopping for one, consider how you want to power it before making your final buying decision. Do you want your gate operator to be AC, solar, or battery-powered? Or do you want the combination of the three sources of power? Making this decision depends on where you live.

If you live in an area with a reliable source of electricity, you likely find it safe to only invest in an AC-powered gate opener. Solar-powered gate openers convert sunlight to electrical energy. So using this source of power depends on the climatic condition of your area. However, to minimize downtime, you’re advised to combine the three power sources—solar, AC, and battery backup.

Closing Thoughts

While the above factors can serve as a guardrail to make an appropriate buying decision, there are also some other important factors and features that differentiate brands and so help to make the right choice between very similar products. If you are in a dilemma to make a choice, consider:

  • mode of operation you want
  • level of security
  • Aesthetic required
  • The sophistication of control. Do you want a remote, voice, motion, or button-controlled gate operator?

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