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A swing gate opener or swing door operator is a device that helps automate or facilitate access through a gate (as well as prevent the entry of intruders). Swing gate operators are great because they can automate nearly any existing gate, increasing the practicality (and security) of access in buildings, both commercial and private.

Installing swing gate openers is extremely useful for facilities with a high level of circulation of people such as schools, malls, gyms, and other similar places. They’re also highly used in homes to operate garage gates or inside homes to facilitate circulation to people with reduced mobility.

The choice of the right swing gate operator will depend on different factors, such as whether its purpose is commercial or residential, the type of gate, triggering, energy source, security, opening speed, and weight.

Which is the best swing operator? There’s an unlimited variety of swing gate operators in the market. In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the aspects to keep in mind to make the right choice.

Types of Swing Gate Openers

Swing gate operators work by using electric motors (that convert electrical into mechanical energy). The different types of motors can be powered by diverse kinds of energies. The most commonly used are:

Electromechanical: It works purely mechanically.

Hydraulic: It works by pressurizing oil.

Solar Energy: It uses a solar panel and it has a battery that constantly feeds from solar energy. This is convenient for many reasons. It means the device is ready to use even in areas where power isn’t readily available and it also has a very low use of energy, which is positive for the environment and for your wallet (you can also take advantage of a residential energy efficiency property tax credit).

Some of them are more suitable for residential uses and others are suitable for both. Let’s see some things to consider to understand which is the best swing operator for you.

Swing Gate Operators For Commercial Use

If you’re going to use the swing gate operator for commercial purposes, keep in mind that the gate opening frequency is higher than the frequency in homes. The gates it’s going to operate are probably bigger and heavier, too.

So the right swing gate operator for commercial use has to be a heavy-duty operator, able to operate a large number of cycles per day, well structured, resistant to rust and corrosion (given it’s often located outdoors).

Like the Viking F1 Residential & Commercial Swing Gate Operator. This gate operator has a steel chassis that allows it to lift up to 1,500 lbs. and opens at approximately 13 - 16 seconds at a 90° angle. It also uses low voltage cables, saving the business owner lots of costs usually involved when having to install high voltage cables.

This other one, HySecurity HydraSwing 40F Twin Gate Operator, powered by a hydraulic pump, is ideal for commercial or heavy residential use, given its capacity to lift heavy swing gates and the ones subject to extreme wind load factors.

With a simple installation system, its industrial-grade components ensure significantly low maintenance while also providing long-lasting life. It’s ideal for businesses as it can gracefully move a 16 ft/4,000 lbs leaf in 10-15 seconds and a 40 ft/15,000 lbs gate leaf in 20-30 seconds.

Swing Gate Openers For Residential Use

When you look for gate openers for residential use, you worry about aspects like security, how easy or difficult it is to replace the parts, and the noise it can make (so you don’t wake up your neighbors when arriving late, for example). Also, the type of energy it uses will directly impact your wallet.

In this case, the LiftMaster Solar Swing Gate Opener LA412PKGUL is a perfect option. With a simple installation process, powered by solar energy (with a battery backup), and extremely secure, its parts are also easy to substitute.

Its quick close feature prevents vehicles from tailgating, providing security and peace to the people living in the house. It comes with a remote control so you can operate it from a distance and have full control over it.

Whichever swing gate operator you choose, make sure your choice is based on this information and the most important aspects for you.

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