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From a security perspective, businesses demand more stringent protection for the safety of their people and resources. An office door security system plays a big role in heeding this demand. These places need a safe and secure system that can also accommodate large amounts of traffic.

What Is an Office Door Intercom System?

Ages ago, intercoms were just standalone systems used for internal voice communication in a building. But thanks to technological advancements, an intercom now incorporates other control devices. It can be wired to a door lock, latch, or light to operate remotely.

Many intercom systems are also equipped with audio-video systems to identify visitors and manage door access. An office door intercom system or commercial intercom system is installed to serve two purposes: communication and access.

How Does an Intercom System Work?

An office or commercial intercom system works to provide communication and property access. It is made up of two components: the base station and the substations.

The base station is located at the main entrance, while the substations are installed in individual units or offices. These substations are linked to the base station.

Both the base and substations are equipped with a microphone and speaker at the most basic level. The most advanced systems have cameras for recording, often with videos delivered in real-time. The captured videos and images are then stored either locally or in a cloud-based system for users to audit when needed.

These office door intercom systems also connect to a door release system that can be accessed remotely using access control devices. The door release is the physical component that grants access whenever it receives a signal from the master station.

Office intercoms enable the tenants of the particular unit to talk directly with visitors. The tenant can then unlock the door remotely using the door station button or access control devices such as a mobile phone.

Intercoms like the LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom CAPXLV2 provides a scalable cloud-based solution. This and other LiftMaster products can control multiple entry points for individual units and vehicular gates.

Types of Office Door Intercom System

For a business with many departments, an intercom system is one of the most prompt and reliable avenues of communication. The most common office door intercom systems are:

Wired Intercom Systems

In a wired intercom system, the base station and substations are hardwired with each other across the area. It operates using interconnected in-unit hardware and on-site servers.

The wired system is complex and costly to install and may need some alteration in the building for the cabling. However, it is also the most reliable system with lesser susceptibility to breach.

Wireless Intercom System

A wireless intercom system ditches the need for extensive wiring. Instead, it utilizes the internet to provide the same services that the wired system offers. Instead of in-unit hardware, it has a remote control system, a smart device, and cloud storage.

Video Intercom

A video intercom features a video camera along with a microphone, speakers, and a door-locking mechanism. A security camera is installed at the entrance and has a monitoring device that the unit owner controls. It allows the owner to verify the identity of the visitor visually before granting door access.

The video intercom system can be one-way or two-way. The two-way intercom has cameras on the base and substations where both visitors and tenants can see and hear each other during the call.

LiftMaster has smart video intercoms that are easy to use and come with remote programming and real-time activity tracing to enhance security.

Telephone Entry System

A telephone entry system uses a telephone line where the visitor calls the tenants to request entry access. The telephone entry system is not limited to a landline. They can also use mobile phones and wireless telephones, and the system can be integrated with a video camera.

Audio Intercom

An audio intercom is the oldest type of office intercom. They are also used as apartment buzzers that allow visitors to talk with tenants outside of the building.

Some audio intercoms are wired to the door release system and can grant door access. Audio intercoms are easy to use but were rendered obsolete by the emergence of sophisticated video intercoms.

Benefits of an Office Door Intercom System

Door intercoms seem a bit antiquated because of the presence of smartphones. But these devices have more to offer when it comes to revolutionizing the workplace for a business owner’s convenience and tenant protection.

Controlled Access

With an office door intercom system, owners can control who comes and goes. A commercial intercom system screens visitors at the gate before they decide whether to grant or deny entry.


A reliable intercom system streamlines the daily activities of a certain office. Without having to get up and check people in physically by the gate, they can do remote monitoring and talk to them before allowing gate access.


An office intercom system ensures that safety and security are not overlooked at all times. It screens identities, restricts people and deters any potential criminal activities.

Office intercoms like the LiftMaster Smart Intercom Systems can provide real-time notifications of who accessed the property.

Monitor Deliveries

Door intercoms ensure there are no delays in package deliveries. Intercom systems now allow owners to issue a one-time PIN for couriers to access the main entrance. It’s best for multi-tenant buildings that handle a dozen deliveries every day.

Simplify the Work

Reinforcing security with an intercom system streamlines operations. It simplifies the work by reducing the need for security personnel to call offices when admitting guests. It not only saves effort but time as well.

Buying an Office Door Intercom System

A functional and reliable door intercom is an attractive deal for tenants if you are running a business. If you are looking to upgrade your current door security, always go for trusted brands with features that suit your business needs.

Choose an office door security system with features like video capabilities, remote access control, a cloud-based system, and convenient contactless entry. Intercom systems that allow you to manage multiple entrances like a gate, door, and garage door are also great for large commercial spaces.

Find more of our trusted office door intercom systems like the LiftMaster at All Security Equipment. Our customer service and technical support will be there to assist you with all types of door security needs.

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