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Commercial gates have the power to protect business properties and assets against vandalism, theft, and other crimes. They enhance security measures to guarantee the safety of the premises.

While there are many gate options available, knowing which one to install for your business can be hard. But fret not! This article will help you decide which one to choose out of the many gate types and provide tips on how to find the perfect commercial gate operator for automated gate access, too!

Types of Commercial Gates for Businesses

Depending on the business owner’s choice and the aesthetics of the area, different types of commercial gates can be used.

  • Cantilever gate
  • Rolling gate
  • Sliding gate
  • Double swing gate
  • Vertical lift gate
  • Swing gate
  • Automatic gate
  • Chain link gate
  • Vertical pivot gate

Commercial facilities employ all of these gate options depending on what they need.

The two most common types are commercial swing gates and sliding gates. Vertical lift gates and driveway gates are also typically used in parking lots and entryways.

Purpose of Commercial Gate Operators

Residential gate operators cannot be used in a commercial setting, given that commercial setups often require heavy-duty operation. Commercial gate operators are also used more frequently compared to residential ones.

A gate operator makes gate operation more convenient and accessible. But other than that, commercial gate operators also have the following purposes:

Heightened Security

Automated commercial security gates are made from durable and sturdy materials like aluminum and steel. Because of these materials alone, you’ll find it becomes harder for thieves and vandals to get through the gate.

Automated gate access also makes it more difficult for them to enter the vicinity without the appropriate credentials.

May Reduce Insurance Costs

Paying for the insurance of a business property may cost a lot. However, some insurance companies may lower the premium you have to pay upon seeing the installation of automated commercial gates.

Better Access

Commercial gate operators streamline gate access by providing several convenient options. Access control systems can be controlled through remote controls, keypads, RFID card readers, biometric scans, or telephone entry systems, among others.

An automated gate allows people with the right access credentials to enter and exit without fuss while also assuring that unauthorized personnel cannot enter.

How to Choose the Right Gate Operator for Commercial Gates

The practical use of commercial gate operators starts with determining which gate operator fits your needs. The key points in selecting the right one are as follows:

Choose the Right Type of Gate Operator

Gate operators come in different types: swing gate operators, slide gate operators, barrier gate operators and heavy-duty gate operators. Both swing and slide gate operators can also be heavy-duty depending on the weight of the gate they can control.

Commercial security gates should use the applicable gate operator intended for its gate type. If the operator is inappropriate for the gate, it can’t provide the proper automation and renders both the gate and the operator ineffective.

Identify the Size and Requirements of the Gate You Have

Each gate also has its own specifications, such as width and weight. These specs should be taken into account when buying and installing a gate operator.

Gate operators come in different horsepowers, and each model from different brands also has its own capacity. In general, however, 1HP models can automate gates weighing 1700 lbs and up to 21 m high, while 1.5HP models have the strength to power gates up to 2100 lbs and 24 m high.

Check for Security Features

The main goal of a security gate is to protect commercial spaces. For this reason, the security features of an operator are a priority.

Gate operators should have integrated max run and auto close timers. These features lessen the possibility of tailgating or other people entering the area without permission. Other security features are alarms, sensors, and real-time alerts.

Emergency Disconnect

The possibility of the gate crashing down or malfunctioning shouldn’t be overlooked. Make sure that the gate operator has an emergency disconnect feature. An emergency disconnect allows you to operate the gate manually during emergencies.

Consider Speed

You don’t want a gate to close too fast, as it might crash into vehicles or even people. You also don’t want it to be too slow that others without permission can enter by following someone with authorized access.

The speed of gate operation varies from one operator to another. In remote operation, considering the speed of the opening and closing is vital for both safety and convenience. So, always read the specifications of the gate operator you are looking at before purchasing.

Verify Standards

All security equipment and hardware must pass certain standards to assure users of their credibility and reliability in providing safety. Get brands that pass all safety standards.

The UL 325 Safety Standards regulate the rules and requirements that all automatic garage doors, vehicular gates, and the like should follow. Receiving this certification means that the gate operator has the functions and qualifying factors that meet safety performance.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) also has its own certification. An operator with ANSI approval means it is tested and proven to be a good one.


Most brands – especially the reputable ones – always offer warranties. The length of these warranties and their inclusions, however, depends on the specific models.

Always check for the inclusions and limitations of the included warranty. The number of years you can avail of it should also be considered.

Is It Wise to Invest in Gate Automation?

Practicality-wise, automatic gates make things easier for businesses and commercial establishments.

Automating a gate may have upfront costs, especially during installation and repairs. However, access becomes effortlessly smooth, which helps in day-to-day operations. It further maximizes the security and protection of the property and assets within.

And since most commercial gates are heavy, installing a gate operator for an automatic operation lessens the physical workload of staff and tenants.

Get a Reliable Commercial Gate Operator Now!

The gate’s control system is crucial for the safety and protection of the premises. Thus, you need to install a reliable and authentic access control system with an electric gate operator that can handle the size of the gate itself.

Check out our wide selection of commercial gate operators. We have an assortment of operators available depending on your gate type and gate automation needs.

All Security Equipment is your one-stop shop for security equipment and other related products. Feel free to keep in touch with our friendly customer service for inquiries.

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