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LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom - L | LIF-CAPXLV2

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LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom - L | LIF-CAPXLV2

Purchase the most advanced smart intercom systems from All Security Equipment and enjoy 6 months of myQ Community for free. When you purchase a LiftMaster CAPXLV2 Smart Intercom System from All Security Equipment, you'll receive a redemption code for 6 months free of the base subscription to myQ Community, LiftMaster's cloud platform, valued at $70 per month. Learn more about myQ Community platform.

The LiftMaster CAPXLV2 is a modern solution for improving access points while maintaining ease of use and security.

Managing and controlling access in gated residential communities, multi-tenant apartments, and mid to high-rise buildings pose many difficulties to managers and security teams. Multiple entry points with several people requiring entry should have an efficient and reliable access control system. One such system is the LiftMaster CAPXLV2!

Get to Know CAPXL

LiftMaster is one of the most reputable and popular brands in the market as far as access control and security is concerned. Its products range from garage door openers, gate operators and other access control products like the LiftMaster CAPXLV2.

Basically, CAPXLV2 is an upgrade from the CAPXLV with the addition of smart video capability. The LiftMaster CAPXLV2 is a smart video intercom that features incredible smart access and remote programming. Above all, it is easy to use.

As long as the building/community has an internet connection and power, using the CAPXLV2 is a breeze. It operates online and can be programmed even when the person in charge is not on site. Data can also be added, removed, or updated remotely.

The cloud based security feature of the CAPXLV2 gives access to new tenants even when no one is available physically to grant entry. Granting access can be done remotely through the online connection using the LiftMaster Cloud.

You don’t even have to worry about the internet going down. Residents and tenants can still enter the premises. The LiftMaster CAPXLV2 has a local storage database that stores the information needed for them to enter when the online connection is down.

Benefits of Choosing LiftMaster CAPXLV

A smart video intercom makes the lives of residents, tenants, and managers easier. The LiftMaster CAPXLV isn’t only meant for residential communities but also multi-tenant buildings.

It can power up to four commercial door operators or gate openers, garage doors and other compatible access points. It is also beneficial for places where emergency access is a vital factor in safekeeping.


The main purpose of innovations in access control systems is security. Providing the highest level of security possible makes the LiftMaster CAPXLV a nice option. It prevents unauthorized entry and also filters people prior to coming in through its integrated video camera.

myQ Community App -A Smarter Way In

It provides users with real-time tracking and alerts of any activities, such as when an incorrect or suspended code was used. These real-time notifications let users know when something is wrong so that proper countermeasures can be taken.

myQ Community Web Platform

myQ enables remote programming and allows users to monitor all activities. This is where access can be granted or denied, setting changes are made, and real-time diagnostics are learned.

The myQ technology also customizes system control as it streamlines and manages the information of residents and tenants. The Community Web Platform is in partnership with Yardi, RealPage, and Entrata.

Convenient Installation

Unlike any other gate hardware or telephone entry system, the LiftMaster CAPXLV is easy to install. It does not require wires and you don’t have to go digging up the ground for installation.

As long as there is a good connection to WiFi, the LiftMaster CAPXLV will operate smoothly. It can be linked wirelessly to LiftMaster gate operators with UL 325 specifications and new firmware 4.2. This smart video intercom will still function even when the internet is down. Thanks to its local system memory, that still remembers codes and lets people in.

LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom - L | LIF-CAPXLV2


  • Subscription and Storage
    All LiftMaster Smart Access Solutions require a monthly subscription to myQ Community. Contact us to tailor the subscription for your community by increasing the number of app licenses or expanding your video storage capabilities to 30 days.
  • Internet needed. The CAPXLV2 requires a wired internet connection or WiFi to function. 
  • Due to billing restrictions, this product can’t work outside the USA and Canada.

Choose LiftMaster, Choose All Security Equipment

All Security Equipment is one of the LiftMaster partners you can trust. We deal with authentic LiftMaster products, compatible accessories, and other related security and gate hardware.

You can contact our customer service for more details, including warranty information about LiftMaster CAPXLV. We will address any queries you may have.

Shop access control accessories and other things you need to secure residential and commercial doors, garages, and gates.

Ready Up Service

Our team of skilled technicians will carefully inspect and test the product before it is shipped out to ensure that its working condition is optimal upon arrival. Learn more.

Ready Up Service Checklist
  • Check Motherboard, V/O Board and Camera
  • Update to latest firmware
  • Test internet connection
  • Adjust Microphone and Speaker
  • Test relay
  • Purge any unnecessary data

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