LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom - L | LIF-CAPXLV2

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LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom - L | LIF-CAPXLV2

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Designed with both property managers and residents in mind, our Smart Video Intercom’s customizable applications help streamline the management of residents, buildings, and community access points. Enhance your monitoring capabilities with subscription-based live video streaming and recorded events. Plus, give residents the ability to use their smartphones as an all-access pass to every entryway in the building with the myQ® Community app and myQ Mobile Credentials.

A Scalable Cloud-based Solution

Conveniently control and manage multiple door, elevator, and garage access points across all communities in your portfolio from a single dashboard. Streamline access management with myQ Community, a cloud-based platform that enables remote features such as adding/deleting residents, assigning access to specific entrances and monitoring guest/event requests. Plus, myQ Community has partnership integrations with other Property Management Systems, including RealPage®, and Yardi, with more coming soon. This allows community managers to save time by connecting to property management software for automatic tenant directory uploads.

Enhance Your Security

With the required myQ Community subscription, you can securely manage how and when residents—and visitors—access each entrance across every community
you manage. You will also receive real-time notifications and remote diagnostics to detect and address issues before your residents are aware of them. myQ Mobile
Credentials allows residents to seamlessly enter the community using their smartphones as an ultra-secure key. By eliminating physical credentials—which can be lost, stolen, or cloned—myQ Mobile Credentials makes it harder for intruders to breach the building, and easier for property managers to specifically track who is entering.

myQ Community App -A Smarter Way In

myQ Community App -A Smarter Way In

Give your residents the ability to manage property access from their smartphone. Through the app’s one-way video calling and two-way voice communication, residents can safely identify guests and confidently grant/deny access from anywhere. Plus, community managers can get rid of key fobs and issue myQ Community app licenses instead. With myQ Mobile Credentials, smartphones are the new all-access pass to every entryway. Residents can use the app to send virtual guest passes or gain access with Apple Watch and Siri at any time, making multi-tasking easy by letting residents unlock any door right from their wrists.

  • Built-in speakers provide digital call quality
  • Water and sand-proof gasket protects touchscreen
  • Picture-in-picture function
  • Durable, scratch resistant and capacitive 10-inch, high-definition color display touchscreen
  • Provision for internally-mounted proximity reader for credentialed access. Or simply enable myQ Mobile Credentials to give residents the ability to unlock door from a smartphone
  • Integrated video camera captures video clips for every access event. With the myQ Community app, residents can visually verify guests before granting access
Technical Specifications


  • 10”, 720p high-definition, fade-resistant touchscreen display with picture-in-picture
  • No facility code limitations (1–256 for 26 Bit); “Ignore Facility Code” option available
  • Postal Lock Provision
  • UL 294® Listed
  • 2-year warranty
  • Mounting: surface, flush mount or pedestal mount (PED42, PED64)

Input Ports

  • 4 Wiegand Inputs
  • 8 Monitored inputs that can be mapped separately via the advanced configuration feature in myQ Community
  • Compatible Wiegand Input formats: 26 Bit,
  • 30 Bit, 37 Bit (HID), 37 Bit (Transcore), 32 Bit (MiFare), 36 and 56 Bit (MiFare)
  • OSDP 2.2, connect up to 4 LiftMaster Smart Readers

LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom - L | LIF-CAPXLV2


  • Camera resolution: 1080p
  • Frames per second: 25 FPS
  • Directional Field of view: 135°
  • Storage: up to 1000 events locally and in the cloud
  •® service required for VoIP and video calls (additional charges apply)


  • DSP, clear, unparalleled audio communications in
  • noisy environments
  • VoIP phone service; calls 10-digit numbers
  •® service required for VoIP
  • (additional charges apply)


  • 24VDC, 60W (min.), class 2 output, Level VI efficiency, (power supply input 120VAC, 2A 50/60Hz)
  • Power supply included
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet), with PoE PSE capability that complies with 802.3bt (Type 3 four-wire class 5 compatible) and UL294 with output power as
  • 36-55V and 45 W(Max) per port.

Operating Temperatures

  • -20°F to 130°F (-29°C to 54°C)

Built-In Security+ 2.0® Radio

  • Integrated Passport Receiver with Security+ 2.0

Codes & Capacities

  • 4 to 8-digit entry codes; 4 to 6 digit directory codes
  • 50,000 local user capacity per unit
  • 50,000 local event history per unit
  • Holiday and hold-open scheduling, including
  • One-time and repeating exceptions


  • Internet via wired Ethernet 10/100 (DHCP, static configuration), or Wi-Fi® (DHCP configuration only)
  • Built-in myQ mobile credentials via BLE
  • Low Data mode can be setup for cellular based Internet to reduce data uploads/downloads
  • Dedicated video bandwidth per CAPXLV2: Recommend a minimum upload bandwidth of 5Mbps. This upload speed should be met when considering usage of other devices on the network like cameras and computers.

Access Data Management

  • myQ Community app subscription required per community
  • 30 days video storage and additional myQ Community app licenses are powerful, optional add-ons
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