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Technology has indeed propelled us into a world that serves our convenience. BEA sensors, for example, have been around for decades to take things off our hands – quite literally. Sensing equipment automatically opens doors for you and alerts you of the presence of something or someone.

BEA sensors offer detection products designed for activation and safety detection. These are most often used in retail establishments, hospitals, offices, warehouses, and airport settings.

BEA Sensor Products and Applications

BEA Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of advanced sensor solutions. It was founded in 1965 and maintains its global presence through many regional operating companies. With 50 years of experience in door safety, BEA produces highly recognized products that are ingrained in reliability and performance.

BEA sensor products are practical solutions to various establishment settings. They are installed in automatic doors, vehicle gates and other transport access control systems to perform different functions.

It offers solutions for the following applications:

Pedestrian Sensing Solution

Pedestrian sensing helps improve the flow of human traffic within a building. They are installed in swing and sliding doors that open when they detect people or objects passing through. It can also stop a revolving door for people to safely pass through.

BEA sensing devices are added to low-energy doors, automated windows, speed lanes, turnstiles, and Knowing Act devices.

Presence detection devices like the BEA Eagle, BEA Focus and SUPERSCAN-T are a few of the trusted BEA detection products for enhanced safety and convenience.

Industrial Automation Solutions

Warehouses, distribution centers, dock doors, and commercial doors can improve traffic management with BEA sensors. The sensors are designed for the activation and safety of high-performance doors. They come with signal lights to facilitate better traffic flow.

BEA FalconSparrowIS40XLSUPERSCAN-T Infrared Presence Sensor and LZR Widescan are best for industrial environments.

Security and Access Solutions

Products like Request-To-Exit, such as the BEA R2E-100Fly Kit and Beambox, enhance off-door applications. These products help manage the accessibility of secure areas and are reinforced for use with electric strikes and maglocks.

BEA has perimeter protection to safeguard designated areas as well. Laser-based sensors like LZR 130, LZR 600 and LZR U-920 are also available and designed for artwork protection. These are used in exhibits and valuables that trigger an alarm when the safety zone is compromised.

Public Transportation Solutions

In a fast-paced environment where there are trams, trains, and buses, accidents are inevitable. BEA sensing solutions are preventive measures designed to handle potential risks.

Microwave and infrared sensors are added to entry and exit points to detect vehicles and pedestrians. These sensors prevent the doors from fully closing if a person or object is not yet fully boarded, eliminating damages and injuries.

Unlike other sensors, public transport sensing products are built with superior-quality materials to withstand harsh environments.

COLIBRI ONE is the BEA motion sensor used for the activation of automatic trains, tram doors, and subway doors. The BEA FOCUS and LZR are the dependable presence sensors usually installed in the doorway of public transport.

Some trains also use the Beambox as a single-technology sensor that can detect both motion and presence.

Vehicle Sensing Solutions

Vehicle sensing exists with the primary purpose of directing and managing the flow of motor vehicles. The sensors are fastened to toll gates, barrier arms, and parking garage doors. Aside from traffic automation, these sensors are also tasked with vehicle classification.

Vehicle classification is the process of identifying a vehicle to determine its model, make and type. The information collected can be paired with data analytic software and used for toll assessment, emergency access, and other vehicle classification needs.

Additionally, vehicle sensors may be able to count vehicles within an area, identify empty parking lots, and detect unauthorized vehicles. These capabilities maximize security from illegal entry and make parking more convenient.

How BEA Sensors Improve the Performance and Safety of Doors

Automatic doors and gates are installed for convenient entry and exit. People can access the door without manually opening it, which can be cumbersome, especially in heavy metal doors. It is also true for automatic gates which allow vehicles to pass through with ease.

Enhanced Safety

Adding BEA sensors to these automatic doors and gates improves security and safety on top of convenience. Sensing devices protect pedestrians and vehicles from accidents. Without a safety sensor, the heavy automatic gate and door can slam into anything in their way.

Heightened Security

Motion detectors can deflect potential theft and illegal access to the property. BEA sensors have perimeter protection that sets off the alarm if a restricted area is breached. It gives property owners better security of a designated perimeter without exhausting the manual labor force.

Streamline the Workflow

Sensors enable the smooth flow of traffic and only provide an alert when necessary. If, for example, a pedestrian is moving in the incorrect direction, the device will trigger an alarm.

With infrared sensors, the door or window will automatically open when the detection field notices an attempt for access. An example is the drive-thru window, where the window slides open whenever there is a motion or an attempt to pass an object.

Assist in Traffic Flow

In an industrial setting that uses high-performance doors and speedy operation, BEA solutions are dedicated to simplifying the work and traffic flow. The sensing device monitors the area, activates the door and signals potential hazards to ensure a steady workflow.

Save on Energy

With accurate sensors, businesses can cut their energy consumption and reduce door cycles. It ensures that the door opens only when needed and keeps it closed if unattended. It prevents draftiness in extremely low weather and humidity in summer.

Many escalators are now also using the efficiency of BEA pedestrian sensing solutions. Escalators with sensors do not run unless they detect motion toward them. It helps companies conserve energy while directing the flow of pedestrians.

Integrating the Latest BEA Sensing Technologies

Whatever the business environment can be, BEA sensors play a vital role in ensuring the safety goal of automatic doors and reinforce it a hundredfold. They guarantee both pedestrian safety and vehicle safety for a smooth operation.

BEA sensing is geared towards the performance and productivity of industrial and commercial establishments. You can browse for these products at All Security Equipment.

All Security Equipment brings a range of BEA sensors that work on automatic gates and doors, automatic new windows, vehicle gates and transport systems. For more questions and clarifications about BEA products and other related items, contact our customer service here.

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