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A Linear gate opener is one of many automatic gate opener designs for an automatic gate system. A Linear gate opener has rugged durability and value, and it offers nationwide sales coupled with a support team that provides unparalleled customer satisfaction.

For more than 50 years, door and driveway automation experts have trusted Linear gate products for their exceptional reliability and performance. Easy and reliable access to the estate, home, farm, or commercial premises is the reason why experts consider Linear when it comes to an automatic gate opener.

How to Choose the Best Linear Gate Opener

Let’s face it. Choosing a gate opener that fits the bill for functionality, cost, and performance is no easy feat. The different weather conditions and geographical locations play a crucial role in selecting the ideal gate opener. A linear gate opener is a viable solution, as you get the best affordability and performance. Let’s delve into the best Linear Gate openers based on the four regions of the US (Northeast, Midwest, South, and West).

1. Northeast and Midwest Regions

If you reside in these regions, you’re no stranger to extreme climate conditions. Although the Midwest and Northeast regions become warm when summer and spring roll around, they are subject to adverse snow during winter and autumn. Keeping that in mind, we recommend the installation of cantilever gates to your commercial building or property. These are slide gates that don’t roll on the ground but are supported by an array of rollers connected to the supporting fence or posts on one end of the opening. As a result, when the cantilever gate is in motion, there’s little to no snow impacting its movement. That eliminates the need to use a snow shovel each time you open your gate. It’s worth keeping in mind that moving cantilever gates can be an uphill task.

Nevertheless, these types of gates can be a tad bit challenging to maneuver. Additionally, we suggest post-mounting the gate opener to ensure it’s off the ground and easy to access during heavy snowfall. For instance, the HSLG Gate Operator is the perfect option for those residing in the Northeast and Midwest as these gates call for large and durable openers that can be post-mounted. It includes a durable powder-coated finish, a five-year warranty, an APEX control board, and is best suited for commercial or industrial applications. Other features include a double V belt for chain reduction; ¾HP motor; continuous-toned entrapment alarm with reset button; 115V supply voltage single-phase; and a built-in beeper activated during gate movement. You also get an emergency disconnect handle, an optional pad mount, and an integral entrapment sensing system that contains two precision potentiometers that take turns and ensure improved safety and accurate adjustment.

2. West Region

There’s a boatload of multi-family and gated communities in the west region. Therefore, a compact and aesthetically pleasing opener is important. After all, the last thing you need is to ruin the aesthetic of the gate. Additionally, the western areas are usually sweltering hot and dry compared to other regions in the US. Therefore, the sun and heat are important factors to consider. With that said, we recommend opting for eye-catching, smaller, cool-to-touch, and compact slide gate openers.

For commercial applications, check out the SLC Series Sliding Gate Operator. It comes in two models of 230V and 115V and is suitable to open slide gates of anywhere between 37 feet and 1000lbs. This operator includes a black polyethylene cover; an inbuilt mega code receiver; a user-friendly emergency manual disconnect handle; a gear reducer; an optional post-mount kit; and an exterior rest button. The operator opens by 11 inches per second, making it a worthwhile investment.

Another option to consider is the SWC Series Swing Gate Opener. It comes in 1 HP and ½HP with a gate opening speed that ranges from 11 seconds to 14 seconds. It also has a supply voltage of 230V or 115V. The SWC Series Swing Gate Operator features an exterior reset button, a black polyethylene cover, a gear reducer that varies in size (70 for 1HP or 60 for ½HP), an inbuilt Mega Code receiver, and a crank assembly for swift disconnection. It also has a heavy-duty torque, an APEX controller, and a standard pad mount.

3. South Region

Many properties in the South not only have greater distances between the home and fence line, but they are also large. Therefore, arm-style operators and swing gates are ideal options as they deliver an affordable solution with their solar capability. That means there’s no need for a power supply to reach the fence line. Installation entails connecting the controller and operator to the gate and the gate post. That makes the installation process less labor-intensive.

Why Is a Linear Gate Opener Important?

For residential and commercial users, Linear Gate Openers are the epitome of convenience and security. With a system designed solely to open gates, a wealth of options have littered the market from which you can take your pick on the best option for your needs. For commercial applications, you’ll stumble upon retractors, swing gates, and gate arms that you can open with one touch of a button.

A residential gate opener can be automated or manual and is available in a range of price ranges and designs. The swing gate openers have heavy-duty components that withstand the most adverse weather conditions and usher in years of hassle-free operation. Some gate and swing openers have a remote control, allowing users to operate them from a distance. You can take your pick from a vast assortment of garage door opener designs, such as the sectional, side-door, and mounted counterparts.

High-tech and durable materials make the outer finish of a gate opener or swing resistant to corrosion and rust. They also enhance durability. Most commercial models are stainless steel and aluminum for effortless styling. The residential counterparts are available in powder-layered finishes allowing flexible installation. Their lightweight nature also paves the way for effortless operation.


Regardless of where you reside, Linear Gate Openers are the Holy Grail to your gate-opening needs. Armed with insight into how to choose an opener that best suits your needs coupled with a few of the best options available, you can make an informed decision.

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