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EMX has announced a new virtual loop replacement system that is said to be "the most advanced and easy to use looping system ever created." Replacing the massively popular CarSense303 magnetoresistive vehicle detector, this would represent a multi-generational step forward in technology and user experience. Sounds great! I'll be sure to check it out!


The Loop Replacement System (LRS) features advanced 3-axis, magnetoresistive sensing technology that responds to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field caused by ferrous objects.

The LRS Vehicle Detector features three sensing elements that provide measurements in the X, Y and Z axes to improve detection sensitivity when used either above or below ground installations.

The LRS is equipped with EMX new DETECT-ON-STOP™ or (DOS®) feature. This feature allows detection only when a vehicle has come to complete stop. This EMX exclusive advantage is major if you want ignore cross traffic in tight spaces and cannot be helped sometimes.

The detector’s innovative design and reduced installation costs make it more cost-effective than traditional inductive loop systems.

The LRS system offers the following features
  • Three-dimensional presence detection of vehicles
  • Select X, Y, Z axis independently
  • Stand-alone sensor
  • Sensor stores ambient background and settings in non-volatile memory
  • Remote control module for programming and additional relay contact output
  • ULTRAMETER™ displays optimum sensitivity setting/crosstalk interference
  • DETECT-ON-STOP™ allows detection only when a vehicle has come to a complete stop
  • Optional Logic Interface for extended detection
EMX Virtual Loop Detector Presentation

All Security Equipment is proud to offer EMX newest product – the LRS. This represents a generational shift in technology and user experience, making installation and setup simpler than ever before. We are confident that this product will be a valuable addition for you and it will provide an unparalleled level of convenience and efficiency. If you would like more information about the LRS or any of EMX other products, please do not hesitate to call us at (800) 730-8382. Our team is standing by to answer your questions and help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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