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There's been an ongoing debate with homeowners trying to decide whether or not gate openers, in general, are too expensive. The truth is that gate openers do cost money to buy and install, however, if you look at the benefits they bring and weigh those against the cost of installation, you will find that they are well worth the money you spend.

Take, for example, a high-quality FAAC gate opener such as this FAAC 400 Dual CBAC Swing Gate Opener Standard Basic Kit designed to operate gates that are up to 16 feet in length and around 1,300 pounds in weight. This kind of automatic FAAC gate opener will cost you upwards of $3,000, but it will also ensure that your gate system is fully closed. It can open that gate to 90 degrees within 12 seconds and it's designed for durability.

The idea is to put your money where it can give you the most value, and as far as gate openers go, they hardly get better than FAAC gate openers. Let's take a quick look at FAAC, the company's history, and why buying their gate openers is a great idea.

Who is FAAC?

Founded in 1965, FAAC is one of the leading brands in the gate automation industry today. The company is based in Italy and boasts over 50 years of excellence in this space. Consistently producing some of the highest quality gate openers on the market, FAAC has gained a reputation for reliability and durability.

The company offers a wide range of gate openers, which are available for both sliding and swinging gate applications. FAAC gate operators are ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Across their impressive spectrum, you will find gate openers that work well for condominiums and even more capable and heavy-duty options that are designed for large warehouses and factories, which are capable of taking on hundreds of opening and closing cycles each day.

About FAAC Gate Openers

FAAC gate openers come in a wide range of options, including automatic electric openers that work for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. While the choices are vast, these gate openers offer a maximum leaf weight of around 1,700 pounds and a maximum leaf length of about 23 feet.

The range also includes 230VAC as well as 24VDC models that can either work on on-gate or underground swing gate applications.

FAAC is all about offering you maximum security, with most of their gate openers allowing for hydraulic or self-locking mechanisms. These electronic locks can be further fitted on barriers that have a longer leaf length or those that need extra security.

Different Types of FAAC Gate Openers

As a well-established brand, FAAC is undoubtedly a leader in the automatic gate operator and access control systems industry. The company produces a wide range of automatic gates, including swing, sliding, vertical lift, and even bi-folding gates.

The option you choose will depend on your specific needs as well as your budget. There are other factors to consider, including property layout and accessibility. You might also want to look at other issues, such as uneven terrain and the kind of space you have for the gate.

Thankfully, FAAC gate openers come in a wide variety of options, which makes it easy for you to find exactly what you want. With that in mind, here are a few different types of FAAC gate openers on the market today.

Automatic Swing Gate Openers

Automatic swing gate openers such as the FAAC 400 Dual Swing Gate Opener CBACR Rapid Basic Kit are a popular choice among residential clients who are looking for something that is not only affordable but also easy to install.

Swing gate openers operate in the same way as traditional hinged doors in that once the opener receives the command to open or close the gate, the doors uniformly swing in one direction to either allow or restrict access.

There are a few key considerations that must be made when looking to install swing gate openers. For one thing, the terrain around the gate should be even. If the ground isn't even, the gate might not have enough room to open fully, which might hinder its operation and, therefore, your security.

Automatic Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are typically mounted parallel to your fence and are designed to slide horizontally back and forth to open and close the entrance. These gates have rollers attached to the bottom, which allow for seamless sliding on the track.

One of the main reasons why sliding gates are so popular with both residential and commercial properties is the fact that they are much harder to force open. This makes them less vulnerable than your typical swing gate. Furthermore, they don't need much space, and the topography is less of an issue.

Automatic Vertical Lift Gates

Operating like garage doors, vertical lift gates are relatively new to the market. They are, however, becoming very popular, especially with clients who don't have a lot of space or aren't situated in a location where a swing or slide gate is a viable option. These gates are also quite easy to use and are reliable. Vertical lift gate openers work in combination with a chain drive mechanism, which ensures smooth and precise movement.


Automatic Bi-Folding Gates

Similar to swing gates, automatic bi-folding gates use openers such as this FAAC 412 Kit for Bi-Parting Gates which are typically a bit cheaper than their swing gate counterparts.

These gates operate by folding in on themselves whenever they are activated, allowing for enough space for either vehicles or pedestrians to both enter and exit the premises. Since they fold, these gates typically have a quicker operation than most other options on this list. The only issue with this model is that they come with a lot of "entrapment points" that could cause malfunctions, and as a result, they tend to require more maintenance and technical support than most other gate types.

The Different Features That Are Available on FAAC Gate Openers

FAAC gate openers are not only reliable, but they are also extremely efficient, cost-effective, and best of all, they are manufactured by a brand with a great reputation and customer service. The options available are numerous and fall across a wide price range to serve customers from all walks of life.

FAAC gate openers are a perfect solution for any commercial or residential application. If you have any type of question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the perfect gate opener system for your needs. Thanks for reading!

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