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Advanced technology has made the lives of many business owners and supply chain managers significantly easy. The ability to precisely, reliably, and timely detect vehicles as they enter or leave the compound offers several advantages to people working in inventory management, site safety, and resource allocation. Furthermore, they are ideal for traffic control.

Thus, you need apt technology for your business. However, identifying the kind of technology you need can be challenging. There are many factors that you need to take into consideration, such as the sensing range, size of the vehicles, and sensor mounting. So, if you consider getting sensors for detection and security purposes, you need to keep reading.

Types of Sensors

Here are some of the most common vehicle detection sensors worth investing in. Whether you are looking for one that helps you count the number of vehicles that pass the gate or one that opens the gate as soon as a car gets close, you will find all of them here.

Vehicle Exit Wand Sensor

Vehicle Exit Wand Sensors, or sensor probes, are used to detect the motion of cars and other automobiles. It uses an electromagnetic sensor to detect the activity of all the vehicles within a defined vicinity.

Typically, people install them either above or below the ground. As a result, you will find them on rough gravel paths or on the side of constructed driveways.

Since they are on the sidewalks rather than the center of a road, they are ideal for individuals looking for a low-cost product. You will not have to remove the concrete to install the sensor. Just place it right next to your driveway. As a result, the entire installation cost will be low.

Furthermore, these are perfect for opening and closing gates. However, you cannot use them for safety since the proximity of a car to the entrance might cause false triggers. 

Although, if you are using a highly technologically advanced exit wand, you can also install them for safety purposes. The sensor will let you control the radius on three axes (x, y, and z). Unfortunately, you would have to pay extra for such a high-quality product. 

Microwave Motion Sensor

A microwave sensor uses electromagnetic radiation to detect motion. The waves it emits are reflected to the receiver. So, the receiver can examine the waves that have bounced back. So, if someone or something is moving across a room, the object alters the waves, and you can quickly identify it.

The sensitivity of motion varies across such sensors. But, overall, these are perfect for security reasons. They can detect even the most minor changes and send the information back to you. Hence, you can use such sensors for vehicles entering your vicinity.

If you purchase one for vehicle detection, you must install it on top of a signal pole so that it can detect vehicles within the field of its vision. Due to this, they are ideal for detecting traffic and speeding vehicles.

Activation and Safety Sensor

A sensor of this kind can detect an automobile's motion and presence using microwave and active infrared technology. Commonly, they are used to activate industrial gates or automatic doors. It makes it pretty convenient to track all the vehicles entering your vicinity.

They are particularly ideal for asset management businesses. Installing an activation and safety sensor can be convenient. For instance, if you have garages to store goods and the vehicles have to enter and exit all the time, you can install the sensor on top of the gate. It would detect when the truck approaches and open the gate instantly. Once the car has unloaded the goods and wants to exit, the sensor would detect its proximity and open the gate again.

So, if you are looking for a device you can use for an overhead gate, door, or barrier, then you should get this sensor. It ensures the safety of goods and people.

Burial Sensor

If you are not a fan of installing a noticeable sensor and want something more low key, you should get a burial sensor. As the name suggests, it is typically buried inside the ground and covered with dirt.

The sensor uses 3-axis and magneto-resistive sensing technologies to detect disruptions caused by different ferrous objects. The sensor calculates the magnetic field of Earth and helps you detect disturbances. So, you can easily detect all the automobiles that are entering or leaving the place at all times.

Furthermore, they are highly sensitive, cost-effective, and compact. Therefore, they are ideal for those looking for an affordable and reliable vehicle detection sensor.

Alarm Alert

Are you looking for a security alarm? If yes, then you need an alarm alert sensor. Most of these use audible signal devices to alert you if someone unknowingly entered your vicinity. It will trigger audible alerts and turn on cameras and lights so you can see who entered. Sometimes, they can even automatically close or open a driveway gate, depending on your preferences.

So, if you are looking for a security system that becomes active after someone enters your building without permission, this is the one for you.

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors determine a vehicle's presence and an axle or tire presence. If you are looking for a sensor that can help you count cars, this is the one.

Such a sensor determines the distance, presence, or absence of any object by using two tools: a light transmitter and a photoelectric receiver. In addition, a single modulated or an array of light beams conveniently counts the number of times an object disrupts the beams. So, you can easily get data about the number of times the beam hits a vehicle.

The sensors are mounted either beside or above a roadside. In an overhead mounting, you should place the sensor directly on a structure such as an overpass. Also, you need to aim it towards the ground so that it can detect each time the beam is broken. 

For roadside mounting, the sensors are installed beside a traffic lane with the light pointing towards the road. However, finding the ideal location where the beam can detect all cars from a sideway is difficult.

If you plan to purchase a photoelectric sensor, try mounting it over a gate or building so it can detect all the cars entering or leaving. This unique location will give you better exposure to the road and all the automobiles.

Vehicle Sensors and Detection Systems

Vehicle Detection Sensors are a necessity these days whether for traffic or to protect your business, a vehicle detection sensor gives you security and keeps your mind at ease. No one would be able to pass by the watchful sensors undetected.

While selecting a sensor, you need to make sure to check the range it would be covering. For example, if you are installing a security sensor for your driveway, you might need one with a shorter range. On the other hand, getting one that offers considerable range is necessary if you are trying to control the traffic in your vicinity.

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