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If you have a large swing gate for your property, you also need a reliable gate opener to manage it. Consider getting the LiftMaster LA500 gate opener and let it do all of the heavy lifting for you while securing your property.

A linear actuator such as the LiftMaster LA500 gate opener is a powerful swing gate operator for residential and commercial use. Coming from LiftMaster's excellent line of products, the LA500 promises unsurpassed performance in gate security.

What Is the LiftMaster LA500 Gate Opener?

Swing gates, especially the heavy ones, are hard to operate manually. Hooking this kind of gate up to an automatic gate opener makes using it easier and more convenient while reducing the manual labor involved. This is where the LiftMaster LA500 surpasses other products in swing gate automation.

The LA500 is a linear actuator, which, in a swing gate system, is the motorized gate arm that opens and closes the door. It’s mounted off the ground and connects to the gate post and frame.

An electric motor mechanically drives the linear actuator. When triggered, the gate arm shortens or lengthens to swing the gate inward or outward to open and close.

The LiftMaster LA500 automatic gate opener is rated to work on gates up to 1600 lbs and 18 ft long. It uses LiftMaster’s patented system and connectivity features.

LiftMaster LA500 Product Description

Before deciding whether the LA500 is suited for your swing gate, check out these other useful product features:


The LA500 has a full-time AC run operation and an accessory power or battery backup with an exceptional starting torque. It has a 24V DC motor to allow continuous duty in case of power failure.

The battery backup system can provide up to 500 cycles or up to 24 days of standby power without AC power.

Its industrial-level surge suppression protects the system from damage through high and low voltages.

LiftMaster LA500 is also solar power-ready, making it an ultra-reliable gate opener.

myQ Technology Connectivity

Remote monitoring is one of the most important features property owners look for in an automatic gate operator. Built with LiftMaster’s connectivity features, the LA500 is Wi-Fi enabled and allows you to link to myQ technology.

The myQ app provides secure monitoring and control of both the gate and remote LED lights. But don’t worry; myQ’s commitment and compliance to data privacy ensures that your data and personal information are safe and protected.

Advanced Traffic Management Control

This feature provides optimum gate security by preventing unauthorized access. It is integrated with an Anti-Tailgate System and Quick Close features where the gate swiftly closes behind the vehicle.

Bi-Part Delay

A bi-part delay ensures that the gate will not close in and damage anything. The LiftMaster LA500 can monitor the speed and position of the gate’s leaf. It automatically adjusts the gate motion and speed to enable the primary gate to close last.

Inherent Reversing Sensor

The reversing sensor is the protector system of the LiftMaster LA500. This feature stops the gate and reverses its action when it senses an obstruction in its path. It prevents the gate from accidentally closing on a person, pet, vehicle, or anything else.

Wireless Dual Gate Communication

In a dual swing gate, the gate leaf needs to open and close simultaneously at the same time. The gate communication for it can be wired or wireless, and in the case of the LA500, it uses the latter. You can set the gate travel communication in the control box of the door opener.

Programmable Electronic Limit System

The one-touch button limit system helps maintain an accurate gate position as it works. The limit system in automatic gate openers is what tells the gate when to open and close properly at the right time. The gate knows when to open as a vehicle approaches and close when it is fully out of the way without crushing it.

LiftMaster Access Control Technology

Access control products are next-generation technology aimed at providing gate operation convenience. The LiftMaster LA500 is compatible with a wide range of access control gate accessories. It allows users to operate the gate easily using a remote control or mobile device.

You can even wire a telephone entry system right at your gate to reinforce gate security. These gate accessories work well with the LA500 and other swing gate openers.

Benefits of Using the LiftMaster LA500

Mentioned above are just a few of the standard operational features of the LA500. Positive customer reviews of this model affirm its unsurpassed performance in gate security.

Installing the LiftMaster LA500 in a swing gate gives you these benefits:

Enhanced Safety

With myQ technology, you have the freedom to monitor your gate or garage door and do as you please. You can authorize entry and receive alerts whenever there is an attempt at unauthorized access.

You can also enable your gate locks wherever you are using only a mobile app. No more running back home to check on your gate out of fear of compromising your home’s safety.

Undisputed Security

The LiftMaster remote control securely works with Security+ 2.0 and rolling code technology. Whenever you use the remote control to access the gate, it generates a new code, which is hard to bypass.

Its reduced radio interference further prevents other devices from accessing your gate by accident.

Reliable Performance

The LA500 is built to perform even in the most demanding situations. With its battery backup system, you will have peace of mind knowing that a power outage won’t affect the performance of your swing gate opener. It ensures you maintain undisputed perimeter control at all times.

Greater Convenience

LiftMaster’s myQ connectivity ensures gate operator flexibility and remote operation. A remote control, keypad, and other access control devices can be programmed to operate it.

The myQ app monitors and manages the gate from miles away. Even without a smartphone, you can still log in to the myQ website from any device to access your gate.

The LiftMaster LA500 is also HomeLink compatible, so you can integrate a remote control straight from your vehicle for convenient entry and exit.

Complete Control

Linear actuators in automatic gate openers give the property owner complete control over gate operation. They can be programmed to operate at a certain motion, custom speed, applied force, and gate position.

The motion detection, warning lights, and protector system safeguard the property and prevent accidents.

Invest in the LiftMaster LA500

The LiftMaster LA500 has promising advantages in swing gate operation.

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