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Getting up several times to answer the door can be inconvenient for homeowners. Worse still, it can distract from a current task, interfere with productivity, and quickly become a pesky annoyance in the workplace.

An intercom system removes inconveniences and annoyances by allowing you or an employee to remotely grant access.

Whether you want to install an intercom system for your home or business, Aiphone has something for your security communication and access control system needs. Read on to discover how the system works and why you should consider it over other brands.

What is an Aiphone Intercom System?

Founded over five decades ago, Aiphone Corporation is a leading name in the entry security and intercom industry. The company has many lineups of intercom systems for different user needs with a wide price range.

As one of the most trustworthy intercom brands in the world, Aiphone offers security and access control products with features, such as touchscreen, video, audio, and answering units.

Features of the Aiphone

VOX Communication

In addition to a simplex or push-to-talk functionality, some Aiphone models feature VOX or hands-free communication.

The technology is powered by a voice sensing circuit, which detects low voices and transmits the same without necessarily pressing a button or picking up a receiver.

An excellent example of this is the Aiphone Hands-Free Video Intercom Set. Besides a powerful camera and wide view area, this model has a vandal-resistant feature to prevent tampering attempts.

aiphone hands free video intercom set isolated on white background

Time-Based Call Forwarding

You can manually redirect calls to a different station like other intercom models with a call forwarding function. Aiphone goes a step further with an additional time-based call forwarding function, which transfers calls at preset times scheduled by the user.

Picture Memory

This feature allows users to see crystal-clear images of visitors once their call goes through. In other words, you can identify and monitor who’s at the door before granting access.

The highly affordable, hands-free Aiphone Video Sub Master Station comes with this feature. You can easily identify and monitor visitors on the 3.5 inch screen.

aiphone video sub master station isolated on white background

Simultaneous Multi-System Calls

In settings with multiple stations, users’ announcements are sent to all other connected stations at the same time. LEF models, such as the Aiphone 3-Call Master Station and many LEF-C systems, usually have the instant simultaneous multi-system call functionality.

The Aiphone 3-call master station can be mounted on a wall or desk for quick and easy access. This model is a push-to-talk or simplex intercom with ABS plastic housing.

aiphone 3 call master station isolated on white background

Other Features

Other capabilities include:

  • Door release control from a central location
  • Master users can manage systems installed in separate buildings using models like the Aiphone LEF3L Master Station Intercom
  • Calls can be transferred to external phone lines (if calls are not picked up by the primary contact within a certain period)
  • Paging capability
  • Timed announcements by a group
  • Individual group stations can make emergency calls

How Does Aiphone Intercom System Work?

Aiphone intercom offers more than the usual audio and remote door release functions common to a traditional intercom security system.

Many models from this brand feature video cameras, allowing users to see who’s at the door before granting access. Beyond mere video footage, the intercom systems have additional functionalities, such as zoom, tilt, and pan functions.

These video functions combined with a touchscreen feature allow users to view visitors clearly from different angles and determine whether or not they are potential threats.

But there’s more to the Aiphone intercom!

The Aiphone video intercom system allows users to record videos and audio at the door of your building or the gate of your property for future reference. This is particularly handy in the event of a security breach where users can review the footage and audio to discover what went wrong.

Why You Should Consider an Aiphone Intercom System

aiphone intercom system

Aiphone intercom offers many advantages over other traditional systems. Here are some important reasons to consider this brand.

Durable, Anti-Vandalism Construction

The brand constructs its intercom hardware from extremely hardwearing, rugged, and resilient materials.

This means they are great for exterior installation because they can withstand harsh weather all year without developing faults. Thanks to the ingenious design, the bodies of the intercoms are built to resist prying and vandalism attempts.

Interestingly, the speaker and call buttons are also designed to resist tampering, so you can rest assured that the device will remain intact for a long time after installation.

Increased Security

Besides the anti-vandalism features, installing an Aiphone intercom increases the overall security of your home or business with the video/audio recording feature. In case of a security breach, users can go over the recording later to determine if security protocols were duly observed.

Also, you can screen visitors from the video footage before letting them into your home or business.

Multi-System Calls

Another important reason to consider the Aiphone intercom is its multi-system call capability, which is particularly useful for businesses with several stations at different locations. The good thing about this system is that individual stations don’t require separate monitoring.

One master user can control multiple remote stations from a central location because Aiphone intercom systems operate based on IP. This saves you the hassle and cost of monitoring different intercom stations at various remote locations.

With Aiphone, businesses that operate multiple intercoms can connect up to 32 remote stations to a single master system.

Meets a Wide Range of Needs and Price Points

The brand’s intercom systems are available for nearly every imaginable security access communication need for residential and commercial purposes. Whatever your budget, you are sure to find something that works for you from this brand.

Increase Security and Save Money with Aiphone Intercom

With the ability to record audio and video, as well as zoom, tilt, and pan video feeds, homeowners can enjoy robust security by installing the Aiphone intercom system.

For business owners, installing an Aiphone intercom doesn’t just improve control over who accesses the premises; it is also a cost-effective way of streamlining operations.

Want to upgrade your intercom system to include useful features? Check out our full list of Aiphone intercom collections here.

If you have any questions about Aiphone intercoms, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

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