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There was a time when residential intercoms were the preserve of the best and most luxurious high-rise apartment building or prestigious retirement home. Today, however, these access control systems have become commonplace, with most residential homes opting to choose one type or another for the sake of home security.

As a homeowner, a commercial building manager, or someone who runs a retirement home, having a residential intercom system installed might seem like a given. Things become a bit more difficult once you dig into that world and realize just how many options are available on the market.

Finding the right residential intercom system takes a great deal of consideration and knowledge of how these systems work. Let's take a quick look at the different types of residential intercoms and how you can find the right one for your property.

What Are Residential Intercoms?

Residential intercoms are two-way communication devices that act as an extra layer of security on your front door, barrier, or gate. They work just like telephones. The visitor presses a button, triggering a phone call inside the house. The resident will then choose whether to answer the call or allow entry or not.

More sophisticated residential intercoms come with video and audio capability so that the resident can both see and hear the visitor. These intercom systems also allow you to unlock your door remotely via an app, letting visitors in even when you are across the globe from your home.

What Are the Different Types of Residential Home Intercoms?

There are several different residential home intercoms. Most of the differences occur in terms of connectivity, home automation, and two-way communication capabilities.

Wired Intercom System

This is the most common type of residential intercom, yet it is the most difficult to install. It is hardwired into the structure of your home and allows for two-way communication between visitors and residents. It's simple enough to use as all a visitor has to do is press a button and speak into the microphone.

The system is hardwired into the walls, meaning it is better protected from external interference. The audio is quite clear too. This is much easier to install if you are currently in the middle of your home construction or remodeling.

Wireless Intercom System

These are a more modern take on the wired intercom option for home security. They work via a radio frequency or over the internet. Since they don't need any wiring, they are simple and easy enough to install. You can use them straight out of the box.

The problem with a wireless intercom as a home security system is that it's prone to external interference. Hackers can connect to your frequency and tamper with your security. Other than that, they are convenient and quite affordable.

Video Intercom System

There are two main types of video intercom systems: One home intercom system is hardwired into your home since video is more complicated to send wirelessly. The other home intercom comes as part of a smart home technology system that allows you to incorporate video into your intercom system. Either way, this kind of intercom allows you to see the visitor before choosing to answer them or not.


This kind of intercom is integrated into your home's electrical wiring. It acts just like other intercom systems in that it allows you to communicate with your visitors through audio or video, depending on what type you choose. This is simple enough to install and quite reliable but may offer patchy audio.

Today, however, most residential intercom systems have become so sophisticated that they offer you a whole battery of features that enhance convenience on your part. For one thing, they are mostly mobile-operated via an app. This means that you have full control of your home security from wherever you may be.

They also offer security alerts should unwanted visitors come to your door. In many cases, these devices even take pictures of the would-be intruders and send them to your phone for the authorities.

The Key Benefits of Installing Residential Intercom Systems

As you can see, residential intercom systems come with some advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at why installing one would be a great idea for your home's security.

Deterrence to Crime

Having a security system of any kind, especially one that can take videos and images of criminals, is an excellent deterrent to would-be burglars. Most criminals commit crimes when they get the opportunity and aren't exactly prepared to jump through too many hoops. Once they realize that they can be identified, they are most likely to leave your house alone and try to find softer targets.

Improved Security

Simply opening your door to unknown visitors can be dangerous. Being able to communicate with and see the person on the other end of the line makes you and any other residents in your home feel safer.

Remote Control

If you live in a high-rise apartment building with many floors, going downstairs to open the main door or gate for your visitors can be quite inconvenient and tiring. Being able to do so remotely is ideal in many ways.

Some systems allow you to do so even from across the globe as long as you can connect to the intercom via the internet. This means that even if you are not in the same country, people can come to your house.

Increased Property Value

A robust security system can help increase property values as more sophisticated tenants look for such features when buying or leasing a property.

Finally, having a residential intercom system offers you one thing that very few products in this world can: peace of mind. Knowing that your residence is protected even when you aren't there, knowing that you don't have to risk opening the door to strangers, and knowing that you can keep an eye on your property remotely is a great way to remain peaceful.

Finding the right security system for your home is about coming up with a list of what you would like that security system to do for you. There's certainly a residential intercom system out there for you. You just need to find it.


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