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If you can admit visitors into your space and communicate with them without getting up, why bother yourself with inconveniences? Access controls like the Aiphone intercom system exist specifically for this purpose and for reinforcing security in the door release system.

An intercom system used to be a communication device utilized in many offices and PA systems. Over the years, however, it changed its game and serves not only for communication but also for door and gate access and security.

This is what the Aiphone intercom system and door release control system are impressively all about.

What Is Aiphone?

Aiphone Corporation is one of the most reliable manufacturers of security intercom systems with a broad range of products designed for every user’s need. Businesses and government facilities choose Aiphone products for their unprecedented performance and functional features.

Its best features are the time-based call-forwarding, multi-call system, door release control capability, paging capability and time announcement. Aiphone access control is also integrated with a mobile app so you can access your gate and entryways wherever you may be.

Such convenience makes the Aiphone the top choice for controlling and enhancing the security features of entryways.

What Is the Aiphone Door Release System?

Intercom systems installed in businesses and apartments may either be wired or wireless. Aiphone has these selections for what works best in a particular setting. An intercom door release system is an access system that enables tenants to remotely open the door for someone outside the building.

They can do so by pressing the door release button to disintegrate the locking system. The Aiphone door release system is an important component of a full-functioning intercom system.

Without this mechanism, an intercom is only as good as a communication device. The Aiphone door release system is best used to receive deliveries, admit repair services, or authorize surprise guests.

How Does an Intercom Door Release System Work?

Door release systems are connected to the door station, the gate, or the base station. When guests without access arrive, they will use the base station to call the tenant they are visiting.

Intercom-type systems often have built-in directories for locating tenants in multi-level apartments or offices. The tenants will then be notified. In a wired system, it is signaled by a buzzing sound. In a wireless intercom system, the notification may be sent to the device or the owner’s connected smartphone.

If the tenant wants to admit the guest, they simply press a button on the substation or their phones. By pressing the button, the system will send a signal to the door release system. The release system will then disable the lock to grant an entry.

The Aiphone Intercom Door Release System Series

Aiphone has a multitude of products divided into different series. Each series boasts of its own specific upgrades and works differently in various settings.

IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom

This rugged and modern intercom features remote entrance access using a mobile app. Its hardware comprises a touchscreen panel, built-in access reader, and optional elevator lift control adaptor.

The IXG Series is a robust system that allows two-way-video communication, remote door release access and emergency stations for guard monitoring.

IX Series Peer-to-Peer IP Video Intercom With SIP Compatibility

The Aiphone IX series is streamlined with easy-to-use programming and flexible configurations. The design simplicity comes in handy even if you are a new customer or user.

It is equipped with a picture-to-picture SIP or session-initiated protocol camera. The security camera can initiate and maintain communication while allowing users to toggle between the station and IP camera views.

JP Series Video Intercom

The Aiphone JP Series boasts of its call partitioning for safe route calls while identifying the outside guests. Call partitioning means the substations can only receive calls from a certain base station.

GT Series

This is a remote programmable system with selective door release. It is security-focused and combines both the audio and video entrance panels. It has tenant stations that can monitor the entryway and a panic switch for emergency calls to the guard station.

JO Series

The JO series is the Aiphone video intercom system built with mobile compatibility. It means you can authorize an entry even if you are on the go through a mobile device.

The system can review stored calls with the interior master station, ensuring no missed calls even in slow internet connections.

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AC Series

Touted as the most flexible technology, the Aiphone AC series is a standalone intercom security access control. It pairs with all Aiphone series, so you can retrofit your hardware without rewiring. It integrates with all the safety features of Aiphone with its technical excellence for reliable security communication.

Why Do You Need Aiphone

Aiphone is a leading name in the market, with products tailored for different industry uses. Its popular installation is in healthcare, education, government, retail and other facilities where its reliability is vastly needed.

It has detailed attention to security communication and access that is also useful in residential, especially in multi-tenant apartment settings.

Enhanced Security

With its video and audio capabilities, Aiphone protects your home virtually from outside forces. By screening them beforehand, tenants will have greater control over allowing or denying entry.


Talk to the visitor, verify the purpose of their visits and admit them entry without leaving your space or whatever you are doing.

Multi-Call Gateway

Some Aiphone models support simultaneous voice calls, so no more call-waiting and toggling through calls. It also enables the master user to connect and manage separate building settings. It is ideal if you own several base stations in different locations.

Covers a Range of Budget

Aiphone has got you covered with its intercom and door release system. It has differently priced products tailored to your needs. If you are a small business owner or managing a large company, there are Aiphone products suitable for you.

Aiphone Door Release Systems

Door security is essential in every business to protect your resources and interests. Don’t compromise on safety, or you will be wasting time and money through inevitable vandals and potential intruders.

If you want to install an intercom system, check out Aiphone systems that align with your needs at All Security Equipment. We have a complete range of products for all your door access needs.

Call us today, and our customer service will gladly assist you with any questions regarding the Aiphone intercom system and its related products.

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