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Stepping out of your vehicle into the pouring rain to open a heavy swing gate just isn’t convenient. And that’s where electric swing gate openers come into the picture.

If you are looking for ideas and weighing the pros and cons of installing an electric swing gate, you have come to the right place.

What Are Electric Swing Gate Openers?

Automatic gates come in two major types: swing gates and sliding gates. Each of these operates differently and requires a specific type of gate opener for them to function.

A slide gate moves horizontally along a track and needs a sliding gate opener to move it sideways.

Swing gates open either inward or outward on a hinge. They require an electric swing gate opener that will push or pull the gate leaf in that direction.

A swing gate operator also comes in different types depending on the type of gate. Single swing gates open inward or outward, while dual swing gates open at the center.

The types of electric swing gate openers are:

  • Box-type automatic gate opener where a box is fastened at the side of the gate and an arm extends to pull the gate open
  • RAM or arm-type opener attached to the gate frame itself and moves with the gate when opening or closing it
  • Underground automatic gate opener, which is buried underground next to the gate with the arms attached to the gate, is intended for a discrete view

How Does an Electric Gate Opener Work?

An automatic swing gate opener uses a power supply, a gate opener motor, and an access control device to function.

The credentials on the access control are first stored in the control panel or control board. When access control is triggered, like by pushing a button, it sends a signal to the control box. The control panel verifies the access credentials and instructs the gate or door opener on what to do.

If the credentials match the data stored in the control panel, it commands the opener to move. After the vehicle passes, the gate automatically closes and activates the lock.

How Much Will an Electric Swing Gate Opener Cost?

The initial cost for an electric swing gate opener depends on the gate opener type that is compatible with your gate style. The brand name also has a say in the projected price, which, in turn, gives you a reliable and durable product.

Electric swing gate openers range between $700 and around $4,300 or more for a complete automatic gate opener kit. In industrial gates, a hydraulic swing gate operator can even rack up to about $30,000!

A basic swing gate opener kit includes a control board box, actuator arm, photo eye sensors, and a key remote control.

There are also separately sold accessories you can add to the basic kit, such as:

  • Wireless keypad
  • Smartphone controller
  • Additional remote control and access control devices
  • Battery backup
  • Solar panel

High-end brands like LiftMaster are powered by myQ technology. These units work with Wi-Fi and allow owners to control their gates virtually using the myQ app or its website.

You have the option to include an Internet Gateway to make it work more seamlessly. Electric swing gate openers may have a complete package set, which includes all the accessories, including access control devices.

A battery backup and solar power may also be bundled in the kit.

Are Electric Swing Gate Openers Worth Their Price?

Automatic gate installation can indeed hurt the wallet, especially if it’s a new gate installation.

With an automated gate, what you are investing in is not its hardware. It is mostly the security and convenience features that the automatic gate openers can offer.

You are paying for:


With its remote capability, opening and closing the gate comes so easily. You can open your swing gate as you approach and close it without even having to get out of the car. This comes in handy during bad weather, when your hands are full, or when you’re in a hurry.


One of the most essential reasons why homeowners install an electric swing gate operator is the security features. Electric gates are a burden to open, which deters potential intrusion.

An electric security gate generally won’t budge without a programmed key or remote. Modern automatic gate operators are also secured with a unique algorithm for their remote control.

The rolling code technology generates a new code each time the gate remote is used, preventing unauthorized access.

To enhance home security, homeowners have the option to wire in additional safety measures like intercom or telephone entry systems. These work like a two-way intercom where the tenant communicates with the guest before allowing gate access.


An electric gate opener operates with powerful torque but also comes with sensors that detect obstructions and automatically stop or reverse its closing action. The sensors are so precise they will never accidentally close in on a vehicle, person, or object within the security gate’s range.

Uninterruptible Service

Electric swing gates operate on AC power with a battery backup DC motor. This power source provides continuous service for approximately 500 cycles in case of power failure. So, despite power outages, the gate and its functions remain operational with the same powerful performance.

A solar gate opener for swing gates also reinforces economical and reliable power as needed. The initial costs associated with solar power are a bit steep, but you will see the savings in the long run.

Total Gate Control

With an electric gate opener, the homeowner has complete authority over the property. Unauthorized individuals cannot force open the electric swing gate.

The benefit of technology is that it helps you secure your home so you can watch over it wherever you may be.

That is why it is strongly recommended to purchase camera and video surveillance accessories separately to reinforce your gate security.

Where to Get an Electric Swing Gate Opener

An electric swing gate is worth its price due to its many advantages.

If you want to upgrade your driveway gate or want to install this technology on your new gate, visit us at All Security Equipment. Contact us to inquire about everything you need for your electric gate.

We have an excellent range of product options and variable price ranges. Select from trusted partners like LiftMaster, Apollo, and DoorKing for slide gates, electric gates, and garage door openers.

Choose from sliding gate openers or swing gate operators that suit the type of electric gate you have.

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