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The Very Best for entrance operation and security: LiftMaster's Smart Intercom Systems

LiftMaster is a historic brand dedicated to providing solutions that are professionally designed for businesses and homes, engineers and architects. They have lead the field of perimeter security and gate operation for over 50 years. Their products have the All Security Equipment seal of recommendation. These products include smart readers, smart door controllers, gate operators, garage door openers, and of course, smart intercom systems.

LiftMaster Smart Intercom Systems offer scalable cloud-based solutions for controlling multiple entry points, including residential buildings and vehicular gates, with features like integrated cameras, the myQ Community web platform or myQ Community app, cloud-based security verification and storage, customizable entrance control and much more.

These systems also allow for managing property access from smartphones, providing a modern and convenient solution for residents and property managers.

Intercom systems are a must-have in every residential and business property, as well as a necessity for gated communities and apartment complexes. They not only secure entrances but also provide an effective communication tool, and are in the unique position of allowing efficient workflow as well as ensuring professional security.

In keeping all these benefits and needs in mind, LiftMaster has consistently proven it is an industry leader by designing and releasing three of the best completely integrated access control systems in the form of The CAPX Smart Intercom System series.

The CAPX series is a LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom system solution for any measure of security needs. It comes in three different models - CAPXS, CAPXM, and CAPXLV2, as part of an array of reliable LiftMaster products. Furthermore, LiftMaster has seamlessly integrated all of these products through the use of its patented myQ Community Software which allows users to easily install, engage and manage their CAPX systems, accessing a wide range of software and perimeter security solutions.

Today, here at All Security Equipment, we’ll take a closer look at these three models to outline some of their particular characteristics and list the 10 most notable features that they share, as well as discussing how these features present solutions to common issues in building and property management.

The CAPX series - CAPXS, CAPXM AND CAPXLV2. A Closer Look at LiftMaster Smart Access Solutions


Starting with the most compact of the CAPX series, The Smart Video Intercom-S is ideal for small buildings and single-family homes with or without perimete gates. With stunning HD video live feed and recording, Smart Video Intercom-S lets property owners see what is happening in front of their building— day and night. It allows residents to safely identify guests using one-way video calling and two-way voice communication. It represents a luxury amenity that brings amazing security features often only found in business and multi-tenant spaces into the homestead. The CAPXS model also boasts an extreme climate operating range, functioning reliably in temperatures that vary from season to season.


For more complex structures and entrances systems LiftMaster brings you the CAPXM which is more than suitable for many applications, both residential and commercial settings, that control up to two gates/doors simultaneously. The integration of video capabilities in access control systems gives users a better way of monitoring and controlling access points. The customized system control greatly improves resident experience through its scalable cloud-based security, allowing users to control multiple entry points efficiently.


The LiftMaster CAPXLV2 is the most advanced and largest solution for improving access points while maintaining ease of use and security from the CAPX series. Managing and controlling access in multiple entry points with several people requiring entry in an efficient and reliable way has never been easier than with this system. It is, by far, a perfect solution for gated residential communities and mid to high-rise buildings.

The cloud based security feature of the CAPXLV2 gives access to new users even when no one is physically available to grant entry. Allowing access can be done remotely through the online connection using the LiftMaster mQ Community Software, while connection losses present no problem, since the CAPXLV2 has a large local storage database that stores the information needed for users to enter when the online connection is down. The CAPXLV2 also offers scalable video storage capabilities, ensuring that video footage is securely stored for review and investigation.

All of these are only the surface features of these fantastic products, not even mentioned yet is their resilience to weather conditions, their advanced audio-visual capabilities and outstanding software integration to third party partners.

Top ten features of the CAPX Series Smart Video Intercom:

1. Crystal-Clear Video and Dim-Lights Vision:

The CAPX Intercom Systems are all equipped with a 1080p touch screen and 250fps video camera that allows residents to visually identify guests, clearly, even in low-light conditions. This helps reduce the risk of unauthorized entry by visually verifying visitors and their surroundings before granting access. Let’s say a delivery arrives after dark. With clear night vision, you can ensure informed access control decisions with crisp and clear visitor identification.

2. Wide Viewing Angle:

Capture a wider picture of every entry point using the CAPX’s certified 135-degree field of view. The CAPX can cover a wide span of the surroundings to eliminate blind spots and maximize security awareness. In a multi-unit building, a wide viewing angle allows you to see not only the person at the door but also if there’s anyone waiting behind them, enabling you to monitor the entrance and grant or deny access from your smartphone.

3. Local Video Storage and Cloud Recording Options:

Easily access video footage for incident review and investigation through the use of the myQ Community Software apps as well as in local storage. This can help provide evidence in case of in-absentia theft, vandalism, or other security breaches. Stored video footage can help identify suspect individuals and aid in a police investigation and resolution of such events.

Recording and reviewing access events is crucial for security purposes, as it allows you to receive alerts and HD video recordings when an access event is triggered.

4. High-Quality Audio for Crystal Clear Communication:

Ensure clear two-way communication with visitors and other users with the Built-In Security+ 2.0® Radio and its DSP, clear, unparalleled audio, as well as an extra VoIP phone service. Effectively address visitor concerns, provide delivery instructions, or de-escalate situations remotely. If a resident were to accidentally lock themselves out of their apartment, clear two-way communication allows you to verify their identity and remotely unlock the door for them. Additionally, residents can visually identify guests at the entrance and grant or deny access from their smartphone using the myQ Community app.

5. User-Friendly Touchscreen Displays:

Navigate the Intercom’s system easily. Seamlessly activate digital features and view visitor information clearly. Streamline access control and improved user experience for residents, staff, and authorized personnel are assured with the integration of the LiftMasters myQ Software. Simplify access control with an intuitive touchscreen display. The touchscreen display also enhances the experience for community app residents by allowing them to visually identify guests, manage access, and utilize integrated camera functionalities.

6. Built to Last - Weatherproof and Resistant Design:

Enjoy reliable operation year-round and continued security, regardless of weather conditions. Reduce maintenance costs and protect the system from potential damage. For example in a high-traffic building located in a rainy climate, or work building in active sites, the weatherproof design ensures the intercom system continues to function flawlessly. Additionally, the advanced engineering and diagnostic capabilities allow the system to detect and address issues proactively, enhancing overall reliability.

7. Remote Access Management with myQ Community App:

Grant entry remotely to deliveries, service personnel, or guests for increased convenience and operational efficiency. As mentioned before there’s no better tool for building management than the myQ Community Software. For example: let's say a cleaning service arrives outside of regular business hours. With remote access, you can grant them entry without needing to be physically present at the building, or if you’d like to do the opposite and limit the hours for entry and exit, it can be done with ease from a singular operational dashboard. Additionally, you can manage and customize access control with myQ Community, including remote programming, activity monitoring, and tenant information management to enhance the resident experience.

8. Secure Mobile Credentials:

Eliminate the need for physical key fobs and reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Streamline access control and provide a more convenient entry method for residents and authorized personnel. Let’s say a resident loses their key fob, by using mobile credentials in their phone’s app, they can still access the building securely. Additionally, the wireless link offers secure and convenient access by connecting to UL 325 LiftMaster Gate Operators with new firmware 4.2, eliminating the need for digging up the driveway or yard.

9. Real-Time Alerts and Notifications to Grant/Deny Access:

Stay informed about door status, diagnostics, and potential security issues. This allows for proactive responses to security concerns and ensures the smooth operation of the intercom system. A door to one of your areas is left ajar. You receive a real-time notification, allowing you to investigate the situation and secure the area immediately with customized system control with myQ.

10. Scalable System with Integration Capabilities:

Adapt the system to your growing needs and integrate it with other security measures, as well as having no need for the hassle of manually copying all of your user data if you are transferring from one system to the other. Expand access control to multiple entry points and connect the intercom system to security cameras or access control systems for a more comprehensive security network. For example: as a gated community expands with new buildings, the scalable CAPXM or CAPXLV systems can be easily integrated with additional intercom units to manage access throughout the entire community. This smart access system provides scalable cloud-based solutions, including features like integrated video cameras, the myQ Community app for resident interaction, cloud-based security with two-factor authentication, and remote control capabilities.

Keep your property safe, secure, and running at maximum efficiency

With all of these features and more here at All Security Equipment we can't but recommend the CAPX line of products and services for all of your security perimeter, gates and intercoms solutions. Invest in peace of mind and take control of your property’s security with LiftMaster. The myQ Community web platform enables remote features such as adding/deleting residents, assigning entrance access, and integrating with Property Management Systems. It also provides integrated wide-angle camera functionality with alerts and HD video recordings, night vision features, and extreme climate operating range, all accessible through the myQ Community web platform. For any extra information on any of the other reliable LiftMaster products or similar, contact us at our customer support and we’ll be happy to help.

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