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What is a Deadbolt Lock? – A Short Overview

A deadbolt lock is any type of door-securing system with a locking mechanism that uses a bolt that slides from the locking mechanism itself to a strike plate or dedicated hole in the wall.

The locking mechanism in a deadbolt is typically controlled using a key, a thumb turn, or an access control system. One thing to note about deadbolt locks is that they are not spring-activated and, therefore, cannot be easily burgled.

Deadbolt locks work better with solid wood, steel, or fiberglass security doors than hollow doors made from softwood. Hollow doors compromise the security of deadbolt locks due to their feeble nature and should not be used as entrance doors.

Heavy-duty strike plates can be installed in place of a regular strike plate to reinforce the security provided by a deadbolt lock.

Common types of deadbolt locks on the market include:

  • Mortise deadbolt locks
  • Smart deadbolt locks
  • Electronic lock
  • Single cylinder deadbolts
  • Double cylinder deadbolts
  • Rim deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks offer very reliable door security to homeowners and business owners alike and should, therefore, be considered a viable option for enhanced home security.

Our Top Picks and Review of the Best Deadbolt Locks for Your Home's Security

We have compiled a short list of some of our highly recommended deadbolt locks.

Best Overall Residential Grade – The Schlage B60 716 KD Grade 1 Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

The Schlage B60 716 KD is a heavy-duty utility deadbolt lock designed to work as a residential version of Schlage's commercial-grade deadbolt lock.

This single cylinder entry door lock from Schlage has a matte black appearance accented by touches of antique bronze to give it an exquisite antique look and feel. However, don't be fooled by the appearance as the Schlage B60 716 KD comes equipped with features like:

  • A solid 1-inch bolt
  • Anti-pick shield to prevent tampering
  • One-piece exterior to prevent prying
  • Anti-drill pins to help prevent intruders from drilling your lock
  • Automatic deadlock bolt that activates when the key is fully turned
  • Commercial Grade 1 material and protection according to ANSI grade specifications

Many professional locksmiths have testified to the anti-burglary prowess of the Schlage B60 716 KD.

Best Overall Commercial Grade – Schlage B660P 613 Grade 1 Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

Perhaps you have seen the Schlage B60 716 KD and still insist that you are in the market for something more exquisite that uses a single-cylinder deadbolt locking mechanism as well.

You are in luck because we will immediately recommend the Schlage B660P 613 with a Commercial Grade 1 ANSI rating.

This single-cylinder deadbolt lock is designed to withstand intense barrages during burglary attempts and still function properly when the designated key is inserted.

It is often regarded as Schlage's toughest heavy-duty commercial deadbolt. This is especially useful in high-traffic commercial properties with high-security requirements, but it also works well for luxurious homes with hefty security requirements.

This single-cylinder menace comes with a 2-3/4 inches backset,

Features of the Shlage B660P 613 include:

  • High-strength steel alloy deadbolt with hardened steel roller designed to resist sawing and kick-ins
  • High-grade nickel-silver keys for longevity and a smooth operation.
  • Hardened steel ball bearings to help protect mounting bolts from drill attacks.
  • Deadbolt can be activated and deactivated using a key on the outside and a thumb-turn on the inside.

Best Mortise Lock for Home Security – Schlage L9453P 06N 613 Entrance Mortise Lock with Deadbolt

The Schlage L9453P 06N 613 Entrance Mortise Lock with Deadbolt is one deadbolt lock that is hard to beat when it comes to how much security it provides.

Mortise locks are very well known for being very tough for burglars to break, which is why they are top picks for homeowners looking to secure their homes with the best deadbolt locks possible.

The Schlage L9453 06N 613 is a deadbolt lock in a class of its own with features like:

  • A spring-loaded fusible link is crafted inside the lock to serve as a failsafe in case of fire
  • A security-blocking hub that prevents the lock from being picked by removing the levers
  • Latchbolt pulled back by lever from either side unless it is outside locked by 20 degrees thumb-turn rotation
  • Commercial Grade 1 material and security protection
  • The outside lever remains locked unless the thumb-turn is returned to the vertical position
  • The inside lever is always free to allow immediate egress
  • 3-hour fire rating
  • The base material is bronze
  • The lock is designed with six (6) pins
  • Anti-saw pin helps to prevent cut-through

If you seek a highly reliable deadbolt lock that is fire-resistant for up to 3 hours, anti-saw certified, and prevents door lock picking using various locking mechanisms, then the Schlage L9453 06N 613 may be the right lock for your home's entrance.

Note: Mortise locks require a pocket/mortise to be created in the door frame to house the mortise lock. Ensure you have a door that is thick enough to allow such a hole to be created or one that comes pre-made with such a mortise pocket.

All Security Equipment – Home to the Best Deadbolt Locks

Of course, the list of deadbolt locks provided above is non-exhaustive since there are a myriad of deadbolt locks for you to choose from.

The Schlage B60 716 KD deadbolt lock is our number one pick as the best deadbolt lock for home security due to its durability and reliability, as well as budget-friendliness, especially for residential applications.

All Security Equipment is a premier supplier of high-grade, medium-grade, and low-grade residential and commercial deadbolt security locks.

We supply all sorts of security locks, including smart deadbolt locks, electronic deadbolt locks, and mortise locks, all sourced from industry-leading manufacturers with decades of experience manufacturing security equipment.

Check out our collection of deadbolt security locks and other door hardware to find the best for your home.

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