Today I’d like to talk a little about the “MyQ” Technology by LiftMaster, Now that everyone is using their mobile devices to do everything from shopping to paying bills, LiftMaster has joined that revolution and has developed technology that allows you to open, close and monitor your gate and garage door from any smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world. Now imagine being able to monitor and control your gates, garage door and even lighting from the New “MyQ” app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Using the MyQ Internet Gateway (LIF-828LM) you can connect remotely thru any internet services via smartphone or computer with available controllers for your gates, overhead garage doors and even lighting in your home. Imagine the convenience of having the access control of your home in the tips of your fingers whether you are home, out on the town, or even out of the country. All with the reliability of the LiftMaster/Chamberlain name backing you up. So check these neat little controllers out, like the 888LM the MyQ control Panel for integrating all of your systems to your smartphone or the 829LM which will monitor and control your garage doors or gate from any room in your house as well as the 880LM to program your controls and smartphones to automatically operate your garage door or your lights and the 881LM and 886LM which are motion activated control panels with (get this) a timer to close and adjustable light timer and even a lock feature for added home security, or how about the 823LM and 825LM to control devices and lights from your garage opener, smart phone or thru the internet with the 828LM gateway. All in all Chamberlain is actively helping build the home of the future with added automation, security, convenience and reliability you have come to expect. Have questions regarding our MyQ Technology products?

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