This particular door operator offers an automated system for leaf doors that work with access control systems, wireless transmitters, motion detectors and photo cells. This powerful operator can move leaves weighing up to 600 lbs on continuous duty quietly and efficiently while providing absolute operational safety. It comes in an elegant anodized extruded aluminum innovative design that will look great in any application. Mated with wireless receiver and wireless stainless steel handicapped printed buttons is a must have for any situation where handicap access is needed such as hospitals, shopping malls, super markets, retail stores, and public bathrooms. Built to conform to new safety regulations, and UL Standards, speed and force are programmed according to the size of the door. If an obstacle is detected the door reopens quickly and as it closes it verifies slowly the release of an obstacle. We highly recommend the FAAC 950 BM as they have proven to be very reliable while giving the user years of maintenance free operation. Have questions regarding our FAAC 950 BM Electric Door Opener?

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