The S800H is a new generation of low voltage (24V) hydraulic in ground swing gate operator that is a must have if the user does not want to detract from the appearance of the gates. It provides a virtual invisible installation. This operator is considered to be the Ferrari of all in ground operators for its sleek design, flawless functionality, and advanced engineering. It is available in 100 degrees and 180 degrees opening kits, the 180 degree kit has a minimum leaf opening of 135 degrees. Features include, minimized pinch points, reverse on contact, slow down soft stops, built in positive stops, magnetic encoder, and keeps operating in case of power failure. There is also an optional Stainless Steel load bearing box. It can be operated with wireless transmitters and key pads and there are also safety and exit plug in loop detectors available. So, if you are seeking an invisible gate opener of the highest quality or need the gates to open up to 180 degrees then the S800H is the best choice that you can make. Have questions regarding our S800H products?

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