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Gate remote controls do not survive as long as your automatic gates. They can inevitably malfunction, get misplaced or become defective.

While the gate opener and garage door opener brands have replacement remote controls, they will likely work only on a specific automatic gate. You will need a universal gate remote if you want a controller for various gates and doors.

What Are Universal Gate Remotes?

Universal gate remotes are programmable devices that can imitate the signal of the original remote transmitters. They operate in the same principle and will work after setting or programming it in the same frequency as the gate opener receiver.

Generally, a universal gate remote will work on many of the popular brands of gate opener systems. But you must check its compatibility with the remote packaging to be sure.

Universal gate remotes are also useful in multi-resident communities with high-traffic sources. Gate openers, depending on the brand, have universal receivers. They can pair up to a thousand remote controls issued to the residents.

How Do Universal Gate Remotes Work?

Remote controls share infrared or radio signals between the receiver and the remote transmitter. The signal is activated once the button on the remote control is pressed. It will then signal the gate operator to function.

The gate can be stopped when the remote button is pressed again. But isn’t it dangerous for a gate or overhead door to operate if you fail to press the remote midway? Will it not crush a car or pedestrian if the gate fails to stop?

Most likely, it will. Fortunately, gate openers are also reinforced with sensors to detect obstructions. Gate sensors prevent the door from fully closing if something is in the way to keep everyone and everything safe.

To enhance the security and reliability of gates, property managers and homeowners also have alternative openers in case the remote control fails. A dependable telephone entry system and keypad mechanisms are often reinforced on the gate system to improve user experience.

Features of Universal Gate Remotes

Hand of a man holding a remote to open an orange sliding gate

Universal gate remotes are teachable. Meaning it can learn and copy the functions of the existing remote control. When programmed and paired with the receiver, the remote transmitter can command it to perform functions.

Before buying a replacement remote control or an additional universal garage door remote, here are the features you should look for:


Universal gate remotes are available in a different number of buttons. There are one-button up to three-button remotes for multi-door access.

A single-button remote control like this LiftMaster 1-Button Remote Control can control either a gate opener, garage door or myQ garage light. A single-button remote control can only operate one door. It means that you cannot use it to access a driveway gate and garage door altogether.

Multi-button universal remote controls have one button that can operate a gate opener. The rest of the buttons are for garage doors and/or lights. These are programmable to the different frequencies of a gate opener receiver. 

Switch or Code Compatibilities

Some universal gate remotes operate with a DIP switch, while some are on codes.

DIP (Dual Inline Package) switch garage door openers are older. The door opener receiver has a series of toggle switches where you can mix and match the combination by switching it on or off.

A universal DIP switch remote control has a similar switch panel. By matching the arrangement of the switches on the receiver, the gate remote can communicate with it. The receiver can open or close the door when the remote is triggered.

Rolling code remote controls work with a compatible remote control receiver with a Learn or Program button with different colors. (Color compatibility is described below). It is the modern type of access security that is easier to set up and is safer and more secure.

Cloning the universal remote control is as simple as pressing the “Learn” or “Program” button and simultaneously pressing the remote-control button.

Color Compatibility

When buying remote controls, you will notice shapes and colors in the packaging, not merely for design. The same color and shapes are also found in the control board or box of the receiver. Matching colors—the shapes are hardly considered in multi-button remotes—mean they are compatible and will function when programmed.

The reference colors are yellow, purple, red, orange or green. You can easily check on them in the universal remote packaging to be sure you have the correct device.


The radio frequency is like a channel for the receiver and the remote control. For them to work, they must be in the same channel, even if each has a different brand. The gate opener frequencies vary in every country, but the most common are narrow bands 310 Mhz, 315 Mhz or 390 Mhz.

Universal remotes may also work with radio technology Security+ 2.0. It is a patented security for garage doors that selects the highest frequency to connect.

You see, there are multiple radio frequencies all around. They are generated by digital devices, Bluetooth, or other remote controls and appliances that send out infrared signals.

Security+ 2.0 cancels all these unknown frequencies and connects to the strongest, which the remote control emits. It will remove the interference to avoid accidentally opening other nearby gates.

How to Program a Universal Remote

Man in blue jumper suit kneeling beside the gate access control

To program a universal DIP switch, just open the remote-control cover and locate the tiny switches. Flip the switches on or off to match the position of the switches inside the gate opener receiver.

For universal gate remotes with rolling codes, locate the Learn or Program button at the back of the gate receiver. Press that button and the specific button on the remote control you want to match for about 30 seconds and release both.

The setup instructions vary in every gate and garage door opener brand but will roughly have the same pattern. Just check the package for the correct programming instructions.


If you are looking for a replacement remote control or to add another one to your existing remote control, check out All Security Equipment.

Our universal remote controls are compatible with major brands like LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Wayne Dalton. If you have questions about the product model, brand and compatibility of a remote before buying, feel free to contact us. We can help you sort out universal remotes you need as extras or replacements.

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