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Uniformed men cannot complete their clothing gear without a reliable pair of men combat boots. These boots are not only comfortable and durable, but they are also made with the right materials to function and resist damage under extreme conditions.

Combat boots are footwear specially designed for professions and industries involving tough and deadly outdoor situations. Soldiers and law enforcement officers are issued boots with specific and strict requirements as required by the job or units.

These boots are built with superior materials and stand up to the elements to help these professionals perform their job better. 

What Are Men Combat and Men’s Tactical Boots?

Combat boots and tactical boots are terms used interchangeably, although these types are separated by purpose. 

A combat boot refers to heavy-duty military, army, or Airforce boots used during combat or combat training. Each of them has different features that meet the standard branch requirements.

They are GSA Compliant and Berry Compliant boots, which means they are manufactured on United States soil or its trading ally. 

Tactical boots are service boots that are lighter than combat boots and are good for hiking and backpacking. These are the footwear used by policemen, firefighters, coastguards and other security forces. 

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Men Combat Boots

Soldier tying bootlaces of black combat shoes

Combat boot, tactical boot, hiking boot, or however you like to call them, here are what to look for in this outdoor footwear:

1. Materials

Men’s combat boots can be made of different materials, which also determines their durability and insulation properties. In the market, you can find them in various choices such as non-mesh material, leather, synthetic leather, nylon and rubber for outsole. 

Leather is the most trusted and popular material for a military boot. It made up Dr. Martens's traditional Chelsea boots and remains popular today.

Leather is undisputedly strong, durable and offers good weather protection. But like other materials, leather can rot in extreme jungle conditions, although after longer service than others. 

Nylon and synthetic materials are lightweight and breathable. They can also be durable with proper shoe care and protection. 

2. Weight

If you are spending a lot of time on your feet traversing terrains and wetlands, the weight of the boot is an important factor to consider.

Heavy boots are a pain in the feet and can slow you down, which is a demerit in the law enforcement profession. Military-issued boots are generally heavy, varying weights depending on the role and specific mission. 

Choose light footwear when purchasing men combat boots and tactical boots for all outdoor use. Your movement and maneuverability depend on it. 

3. Sole of the Boots

The sole of footwear is the bottom part of the shoe that comes in contact with the ground. It is also made of different materials like rubber, nylon, plastic or PVC. Tactical shoes with rubber soles are slip-resistant and best for trudging wet surfaces. 

The plastic sole became popular during World War II in Germany because it is lightweight and resistant to wear and tear. However, these types do not have a strong grip on the ground. 

Heavy-duty boots also have special insoles meant to increase the traction of the feet inside the shoes. They can be leather, foam rubbers or PVC that protects the feet against blisters. Breathable insole materials are the best for absorbing perspiration and providing better ventilation. 

4. Boot Height

Why are army boots and men's combat duty boots high? Their main purpose is to protect the feet and ankles from breaking. If a soldier breaks his ankle during combat, he can lace it up and proceed with the mission.

Hiking boots are the ideal height for ankle support and preventing debris and foreign objects from entering the shoes. 

But how high the shoe height can be is your preference, depending on how comfortable you are with it.

A 6-inch boot is already supportive and comfortable for running and long-distance hiking. Service boots are around 8 inches high for both recreational and tactical use. 

5. Waterproof Boot

A weather-proof and well-insulated boot is a must when venturing the outdoors. No one fancies running around in the rain and mud with wet and cold feet. Modern combat boots are often made of waterproof leather. 

If you have a suede or leather tactical boot that is not waterproof, you can still turn it into a waterproof tactical boot. You must seal the seams and sides with creams, gels, and other waterproofing products.

For leather boots, pick the best waterproofing agent compatible with them. Leather is sensitive, and incompatible agents can fade its surface, stiffen the material and make it less breathable. 

If it helps, find decent choices of men's combat boots with a waterproof feature for maximum waterproofing capability. 

6. Flexibility

The flexibility of the boots matters in personnel assigned behind the wheels. These shoes respond better to controls and are ideal for long drives. Flexible shoes with soft toes are slow to fatigue and much more comfortable than rigid ones. 

You can determine the flexibility of the tactical shoe by examining its soles. Rubber insoles are the most flexible as they mold around the feet over time. Elastic polyurethane plastics also make flexible boot insoles.  


This is a personal guideline for choosing men's combat shoes or any other shoes: pick the right size. Shoe size matters, and it is what mostly defines its comfort.

The shoe should neither be too small nor too big for optimum comfort. It is not a problem when fitting it from a physical store. But if you are ordering online, contact the vendor for the size guide first. 

All Security Equipment offers a selection of footwear for any worksites and recreational use. Our shoes are designed with durability and comfort in mind.

Contact us today for our available sizes, designs and materials of men's combat and tactical shoes. We also have dress shoes and other footwear you can wear in style for outdoor or everyday use.

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