The U Pass Reach Reader is a battery free unit that offers a range of up to 5 meters (16’) using the latest UHF technology. The unit is designed for office buildings employee parking, gated communities, condos, apartment complex, business parks, airports, parking garages, and college campuses. Using the windshield tags or proximity cards you will never have to experience inclement weather while in your vehicle because you don’t have to open your window to pass a card by a reader, and when using the windshield tags you eliminate the passing of cards to other cars in a parking lot and if you try to remove them the tag becomes unreadable by the reader. There are also heavy duty tags that can be mounted on the outside of the vehicle available. The reader can fitted with the available pole mount and it becomes adjustable to fit any situation that may arise in your installation.

Paired with our Secura Key Access Control panel and software you can name, add, delete, group users into different time and date frames and get daily, weekly, and monthly reports. This readers elegant and sleek design is weatherproof and will not become an eye sore anywhere it is installed. For access card users there is also an interior reader that will allow you to use the same card for parking and building access, but please note that the interior reader are only rated at a distance of 2 meters (5’)

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