FAAC S800H In-ground Swing Gate Operator | All Security Equipment

In cases where you prefer your operator to be hidden so as to not to detract from the appearance of the gate, we suggest the FAAC S800H 100 Degrees In-ground Hydraulic 24V Swing Gate Operator.

Features of the S800H include:

  • Continuous use
  • Max weight of leaf (1760 lbs) (800 kg)
  • Max width of leaf (13ft) (4m)
  • Maximum anti-crushing safety and reverse function on obstacle thanks to the magnetic encoder
  • Built-in positive stops
  • HYBRID technology - combines the advantages of hydraulic technology with that of 24V: sturdiness, high performance, reliability over time, speed control
  • Built-in handles for ease of handling and installation
  • Invisible installation
  • Minimized "pinch points"
  • Reverse on contact
  • Operates even in case of power failure (subject to battery condition)
  • Slow down "soft stop"
  • Optional 110 degrees or 180 degrees opening
  • Built-in positive stops (minimum leaf opening of 135 degrees for 180 version)
  • Magnetic Encoder

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