So, what shall we talk about today? How about something really cool like Biometrics? More useful and economical than you may think, biometrics today makes a brilliant access control choice for applications such as community clubhouses, community pools, office access as well as medical applications and even residential access control. Setting up your HOA with a biometrics system will undoubtedly save you tons since all you need to purchase for the original installation is the reader which start at approximately $125.00 for a standalone reader and $290.00 for a Weigand/TCP IP model. The fact that you don’t have to order proximity cards/keyfobs helps you offset the slightly higher cost of the reader, and not only does it save you money on the install, but you don’t ever have to order more cards/fobs. They will upgrade your security exponentially as well, besides the fact that no one ever forgets their finger at home and it is nearly impossible to lend your finger to a friend or co-worker so you bring that added level of security to your installations… not to mention the convenience of never again having your kids lose the keys to the house causing you to change every lock on the property.

It seems very obvious that using biometrics is actually economical, secure, aesthetically pleasing and makes sense regardless of the way you look at it for any type of new or retrofit installation. It works with most 26 Bit Weigand systems and is easily installed, maintained and programmed. Tap your sense of adventure and give these devices a try, believe me when I tell you that they have certainly come a long way from yesteryear and turned into elegant, useful and reliable access control devices. Have questions regarding our biometric products?

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