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How about we talk about a little known operator called the GateStar 1000, this commercial continuous duty operator, manufactured by Linear is capable of moving a 45’ / 1575 Lbs. gate at a speed of 12” per second, however the real deal is that it can also move an 800 Lbs. gate at 24” per second for 25’.

Some of the features on this machine is the “MVP Smart” radio receiver, the electronic dynamic breaking system and the built in loop detector sockets, let’s not forget a solid-state circuitry and motor control with on board diagnostics. With built in Auto-close a Re-close timers, a “smart” self-adjusting max run timer, and the capability of operating as a Master/Slave dual gate unit with usable inputs at both operators.

The high efficiency non-slip belt drive with incorporated overload sensing system make this powerful operator also quiet and safe for any application.

It comes encased in a welded uni-body frame with an architecturally designed long life case and a heavy gauge, key locked steel cover.

With the Standard Speed set up it comes with 25’ of #40 chain and has a UL325 Class I-IV rating and with the High Speed set up it comes with 25’ of #50 chain and has a UL325 Class IV rating and the icing on the cake it comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. So if you need a continuous cycle, super duty, out of the ordinary slide gate operator, do not hesitate to take a look at the Linear GateStar1000.

Interested in the Linear GateStar 1000 gate opener? Give us a call at 1-800-803-8093.

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