In short Biometric Reader is a device that measures and analyses “biological DATA”, In Information technology and access control applications such devices will compare the data gathered, to the information stored in a data base, If the data read by the device is contained in the data base then you have a “MATCH” and a series of responses to such match can be triggered depending to what such device has been designed for, for example time and attendance, access control or Point of sale applications among others. In access control, Biometric readers can work as standalone applications or as part of bigger networked systems, the device is intended to read and analyze characteristics particular to each individual such as finger prints , eyes retinas, facial patters, voice patterns etc, and then store that information in a data base for later authentication of the individual. Only specific characteristics, which are unique to every individual, are filtered and saved as an encrypted biometric key or mathematical representation, (a binary code), which is used for verification. Determining true identity in a physical or virtual environment empowers organizations to protect what’s important to them and at the same time increases efficiency and service levels. The rapid development of such technologies and the positive impact of their implementation in today’s life has permitted for much more affordable and more secure systems to be developed, Feel free to call us and ask if a Biometric Reader could be a part of your set up.

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