How about we talk a little about our Eagle operators, in particular I would like to talk about the Eagle 100 Residential (16’/400Lbs) /200 Commercial (20’/1000Lbs) Swing Gate operators, these operators priced between $1,000 and $1,300 are a great choice for any type of pad mount installation. With the very reliable “Diamond” board which has an easy to understand and clearly labeled, dip switch bank of “Feature Selections” as well as an amazing of well-defined global inputs for all your loops, keypads, fire edge sensor and a stop function… The guys at Eagle really gave this some thought as they even added outputs for a gate magnetic lock that supplies 24VDC as well as outputs for 12VDC and 24VAC right on the board. The have also added a separate, easy to reach and simple to understand receiver terminal mounted on the outside of the control board box and prewired for either a 3 lead or 4 lead receiver. The limit cams are easy to reach and uncomplicated, the emergency release is granted by a turn of the lever mounted on top of the operators and the clutch adjustment is done with a simple turn of a wrench. Every input on the “Diamond” board is accompanied by a status LED for easy identification. It comes with a 2 wire master/slave connection and you can use any of the two machines global inputs… If all this was not enough, these reliable, presentable and durable machines come with a limited 5 year warranty. So give us a call, let’s check out these Eagle 100/200 series operators and let me tell you why you ought to use these for your next install or replacement.