There are quite a few additions that you can make to your home as a way of improving security or beauty. One that will bring you both advantages at the same time is adding a swing gate operator to your property. They are available in numerous styles and can flawlessly link into your fence and blend in well with the surrounding environment. Swing gate openers deliver class, beauty and more importantly security to your home or community. They deliver high security measures as you are able to monitor who is accessing your home through the help of a security camera and keypad access to permit them in. One of the other main advantages is that a swing gate openers cuts out the strain of getting in and out of the car just to open and close the gate, which also is a great plus considering the security measures it withholds with that.

How do they work?

Normally, you need to specify which mounting method you would like for your gate when ordering. These operators are designed so that they can be either pad or post mounted hindering any expensive and time wasting field modifications. The unique design of the operators permits the gate arm to be attached to the bottom of the rail of the gate. This makes an appealing installation as it deducts the requirement for any brackets to be soldered to the face of the gate. Convenience and consistency in a compact design is offered by the presence of a DKS swing gate actuator which mounts directly on your gate and pilaster, making installation easier and hindering the need for concrete pads. Any gate’s design matches great with the stylish lines attained by using extruded aluminum material to deliver a clean outline. Dirt and any other airborne corrosives are stopped from contaminating the screw threads by the fully enclosed powerful screw driven piston that connects directly to the gate abolishing weak mechanical connections hindering any hydraulic leaks, check valves or pumps. The actuators feature built in limit switches accurately regulates the start and stop speed and mobility of your gate. There is a microprocessor based electronic control board which delivers more advanced features which are available in standard and deluxe housing where they both have in-built battery back-up put in.

Vehicular swing gates in industrial/commercial or residential places use operators that can be either pad or post mounted without any more expenses and time wasting field modifications. This is why it is important for one to specify the specific mounting method you want when making an order for the gate. Most of these gates are attached at the bottom of the rail to increase mobility and space. The operators can be fortified with a factory installed DC Convenience Open option that automatically opens the gate whenever there is a power outage. Have questions regarding our swing gate operators?

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