Please let us talk today about commercial applications of telephone entry systems. Installation and programming of your telephone entry system is a tricky proposition even for a simple setup. Entering your clients, or yours for that matter, information is the easiest part even if it is the most time consuming when you do it correctly. So let’s concentrate on the ‘other stuff’ in programming that is available to you. How about we start with something simple like Holidays? Does any installer out there know what that does? Let’s say you own a business and have 50 employees that will come in on Holidays, but you want your doors to remain closed during that day to the general public, how exactly do you do that. In the case of most major tele-entry devices (Linear AE Series, Sentex, Elite, Door King and Aegis) there are distinct and programmable security levels which if you take the time to program and set individually, you can custom design an access control system that will do almost anything you need done… like for example access to different points at different times for each and every entry (such as multiple buildings with a main entrance), recording of entry and exit times per person (for high security applications like “Prescription Closets” in medical facilities), warnings of abuse of a code (like when every pizza boy and Chinese delivery driver have the code to get in the gated communities), and control of timed access points (like pool gates and clubhouse doors), as well as simple apartment building with a set entry point.

Every system is different and every application will require a little bit of homework on your part to get it working to its max potential, so don’t sell yourself or your customer, short… Let’s do the research and get the right system for the right application and program it so that you get the maximum benefits from it! Have questions regarding our telephone entry products?

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