Let’s discuss the difficult telephone entry installations, the ones that don’t give you the choice of running a cable from the d-mark to the front gates. What to do… what to do? Well, as we are all painfully aware of, the choices in the wireless categories are slim as well as ‘iffy’ for choice of a better word, that was until now! All of a sudden we have functional, reliable and adequate choices for such applications… Let us take a quick look at some of these starting with the BFT Cell Box with or without a keypad, housed in an IP65 weather proof, stainless steel hinged housing. If you are a gadget person such as myself you are probably not going to love the simplicity and ease of use that this machine gives you. Simply get a SIM card from AT&T or T-Mobile, slide it into the SIM Slot, mount to the gooseneck or pedestal, connect your power, connect your contact relay and you are done and ready to use it regardless of the distance to the house or building. Yes it is that simple folks… Then of course there is the always economical and useful GTO-3100MBC Estate Series wireless intercom system. The package includes an outside unit that incorporates a two way communication system with an integrated keypad and can be hardwired into your operator or used completely wireless with the option of a GTO receiver and an inside intercom base, which by the way can be upgraded to a maximum of up to four total inside units. Remarkably dependable and clear communication with a range of up to 500’ according to the manufacturer. If you just want simple access control then there are a myriad of wireless keypads for every taste, décor, style and function you want… starting from the very simple Liftmaster 877MAX Have questions regarding our telephone entry products?

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