You know we have been writing these blogs for a bit now and I thought that it would be really cool if I were to answer some of your questions online, so here goes…

Jason from South Dakota asked: I was looking at your FAAC 950 BM Electric Door Opener with Slide Arm door opener. I have some questions about it. 1) Does it work on wooden doors? 2) My door swings in. Does this system work on a door that swings in or out? 3) Does your control arm on this system get messed up when the door gets hit?

Answer: The FAAC 950 BM does indeed work on any type of door, and yes you can get it as a push operator (for doors that open outward) or as a slide operator (for doors that open inward) and last but not least… Jason it really depends on how hard the door gets hit, but this operator will trigger when you open the door manually so I would say the chances of that happening are minimal.

Lisa in Pennsylvania wanted to know: I have your gate opener, which was installed 6 years ago, I have misplaced my manual and with all the snow we have had this winter the gates are going past the photo eye and continuously opening and closing, where can I find one?

Answer: Well Lisa, if you visit our website you will notice a search box on the upper left hand corner, find your operator, and in the description of the model you have click on “Product Literature” this will normally have all your install and owner’s manual as well as cut sheets.

Peter in Greece needed this information: I want to install operators in my dual swing gates, I would like to install the operators in the inside of my property but due to the slope the gates have to open outward, please advise on the system that I can use.

Answer: Matter of fact any of the hydraulic actuator arms will do beautifully… from the 400 thru the 422 will work seamlessly when you add the ‘Push To Open’ Brackets… however when using the push to open setup I do recommend that you also use the factory installed positive stops. Once again, whether you are a home owner, an installer or a service technician remember that if you have any type of issues or problems we do have available help for as well as parts for replacements and/or repairs… and if I cannot answer your questions immediately, I will do the research and get back to you promptly. So keep those questions coming! Have questions regarding our products?

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