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Accidents and emergencies are bound to happen, even inside the home. But gone are the days when emergency vehicles ram into locked gates to gain access. With the advanced technology of a siren operated sensor, emergency responders can access your gate to get to you in no time.

The FAS-SOS-SOS12 is a siren operated sensor that can access the automatic gate opener when it hears a signal from a siren. It helps emergency responders open the gate without leaving their vehicles to save their time and save lives.

This SOS emergency access system is required in gate installation in many communities.

What Is a Siren Operated Sensor?

A siren operated sensor is a small device attached to compatible automatic gate operators. They are built with sound sensors that respond to the frequency of a siren. When it responds to the frequency, it disengages the gate lock to allow emergency vehicles to pass.

The sensitivity of each sensor is adjustable to ensure that the gate will not open to drive-by sirens. It was in 1992 when SOS, or siren operated sensors, were first used.

They became mandatory in hospitals, military gates, government offices, airports, and commercial establishments. Today, many residential homes are now equipped with SOS units to enhance their security.

How Does a Siren Operated Sensor Work?

Again, the device responds to the frequency of the siren sounded by emergency vehicles. Fire, police, EMS or 911 responders will sound a “Yelp” signal. Yelp is a sound similar to the wail of the siren, only louder but not elongated. It’s usually the dreaded sound you hear from police cars telling you to pull over.

Sensors like the FAS-SOS-SOS12 will recognize the Yelp signal and send a trigger for the gate to open in as fast as three seconds. It enables emergency responder vehicles to enter the property by bypassing the keypad, codes, and other automatic locking mechanisms.

You can also change the sound to which the gate will respond in the FAS-SOS-SOS12 device. You can change it using the dip switch in the unit so the sensor can open to tones other than just the Yelp. However, please note that emergency responders generally use Yelp to access SOS-equipped gates.


The SOS 12 Emergency Access Siren Operated Sensor is a siren detector widely used in North, South and Central America and Europe. It’s installed on compatible gates, doors, parking arms, roll-up doors, and barriers to facilitate a quick 911 response.

The device has an upfront unidirectional microphone for faster sound detection. The circuitry is enclosed in a sleek electronic design with tough and large internal gaskets.

The FAS-SOS-SOS12 can resist harsh temperature changes and can remain functional between -30 to 120ᵒF. It has a technical requirement of 9 to 24V DC or 9 to 16V AC.

The SOS also has a potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity of the device to a particular decibel level. It has six switches for customizing the sound that will open the gate and the duration for which the gate remains open after it’s triggered.

The sensitivity setting of FAS-SOS-SOS12 varies from different decibels. It may trigger at 125, 105, 95 or 80 decibels, or you can set it to never be triggered at any decibels at all.

After allowing access to the emergency team, the gate doesn’t remain open. You can arrange in the switch how long before it latches, choosing between 5 min, 15 min, 1 hour, or only if the reset button is pressed.

Emergency responders like the fire department will know that the gate is SOS-protected by a reflective sign that comes with every purchase. You need to display this sign at your gate and let the responding team do their part.

Benefits of Installing a Siren Operated Sensor

Since the SOS emergency access system makes all electric gates accessible for 911 anytime, some gated residential communities consider it a mandatory requirement for homeowners.

You are probably skeptical about the system and wondering about a potential breach of gate access control. However, knowing the sensor only responds to Yelp, it’s unlikely that it will be used for deliberate intrusion.

Hands-Free 911 Access

You never know when you will need it, but in the rare chance that you do, a siren operated sensor is critical. The reflective sign on your gate alerts trained emergency responders on what to do.

It prevents them from getting locked out. It also allows them to immediately offer assistance, even when no one is around to operate the gate.

Save Lives

Every second counts in emergencies, and wasting the responders' time accessing the gate is a lifeline wasted. Having the FAS-SOS-SOS12 for your electric gate conserves time to help save lives.

Prevent Property Damage

Without an SOS device, the emergency team has the option to ram into the gate to open it when they deem it necessary. Gated communities do offer emergency gate codes for one-time use. But then again, it can be time-consuming to obtain them from security personnel and punch codes into the gate system.

Repairing broken doors or gates caused by an emergency can also prove to be expensive. So, investing in an SOS device will help lessen your expenses when the time comes.

Enhanced Community Protection

Emergency personnel have the right to enter a property in a situation that poses a significant threat to the community. If the responders can get to the area promptly, it helps save the entire neighborhood from harm and damage.

Enhanced Public Safety

Siren operated sensors are vital devices also used to provide safety in areas that draw larger crowds. Examples of this include sporting and concert stadiums, schools, government facilities, transport systems, and commercial establishments.

Combining SOS With Other Security Systems

Automatic gate systems are installed on every property for convenience and security. While they restrict vehicular access, the FAS-SOS-SOS12 provides a means of allowing emergency vehicles to pass through.

FAS-SOS-SOS12 is available at All Security Equipment if you want to maintain property safety. Installing siren operated sensors will give you the peace of mind that your property is secured but is still reachable in case of emergency.

Our customer service is available for any of your questions regarding this emergency device! Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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