Let’s talk about setting up your gate community entrance and the things required to make it aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. Let’s start with the easy part first, let’s do the exit… Most communities have a simple ‘Free Exit Loop’ that grants egress to everyone with restraint, however you will soon find out that a lot of people will try to enter through this simple exit gate, this is when, depending on your community’s budget you can supplement the security of your exit gate with a SAM system, or Sequenced Access Management, where you add a second operator inside of your gate… when you approach the gate it starts to open but the second operator, usually an arm or boom operator stays shut. Upon the gate being completely open, the arm raises allowing the vehicle to exit, but closing immediately upon the vehicle clearing the arm, thus preventing the unwanted element from gaining access to the community, or perhaps some evil looking ‘Spike Strips’ which will allow traffic to flow ONLY in one direction... That should cover your exit and now we can tackle your entrance. First you will need to determine how many listings or entries you will need in your tele-entry unit (boils down to how many units in the community and how many names will be listed in the tele-entry unit., then we need to determine how your residents will gain access to the community at the same time that you give yourself and your community the ability to stop tailgaters from pushing thru behind the residents, will resident be using transmitters, barcodes or RFID (prox tags or cards). Next we need to determine how your guests will be granted access into your community, will there be a guard or will you be using a self-contained telephone entry system. Then you need to determine if you are going to have one or two lanes (visitor/resident). When you are ready to design the system you will need to take into consideration the ability of the HOA or Management Company to update, add/delete or maintain the database of the vendors and the residents or will you as an installer/service company will be the one doing the maintenance. Also take into consideration your local municipality laws concerning emergency vehicles access as well as pedestrian safety (there is no such thing as an “idiot-proof system, you have no idea how resourceful idiots are), keep under consideration all of the safety loops, photocells and triggering device so that you minimize the risk to vehicles and people at or around the entry/exit area. If you find yourself in a bind, by all means feel free to call on us and we will be more than happy to design and integrate a system that will meet all of your specifications as well as the needs of the community you are servicing. Have questions regarding our products?

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