Hey techies, let’s talk about all those neat new FAAC operators… We all know that FAAC is best known for their hydraulic, linear operators which are incredibly powerful, dependable and easy to put in… but did you known that they also have an incredibly reliable line of low (24VDC) voltage operators including a hydraulic 24 VDC linear operator (yes they do….)! Let’s start with the FAAC 418 24VDC. This is a residential operator for gates of 12 Ft and 500 Lbs. per leaf, with a long stroke for added power and positive stops already built in, this little baby runs off the new and improved EO24U board and in the cabinet FAAC has even included the battery back-up. Among some of the surprises I found were, get this, “self-resetting fuses”, one button automatic self-learning and a “standby mode” for reduced power consumption when powered by a solar charger. Next to it is the “big brother”, the FAAC 415 24 VDC., and internal screw drive system ideal for the messiest of applications and enough muscle to push around a gate leaf measuring up to 15 Ft and weighing up to a hefty 700 Lbs. Now the one that really blew my mind was the FAAC S450H 24 VDC… a lite commercial/residential, 24 VDC hydraulic operator designed in the style of the well-known 400 model with the ability to have the added internal positive stops while it moves a gate leaf measuring up to 17 Ft and weighing a whopping 1100 Lbs. and get this, the gate speed and torque can now be adjusted via the EO24U board… The integrated encoder allows you to perfectly control the operator in any position, and it ensures a very high accuracy in obstacle detection and a quick inversion, according to the UL safety requirements. This amazing new Hybrid technology perfectly combines the advantages of both Hydraulic and 24V technologies, which translates to robustness, high performances, reliability, speed control and safety (unique amperometric metering for unsurpassed inversion on obstacles). So now is the time to take a second look at the FAAC operators you have come to know for their power and reliability, I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised (and a little amazed). Have questions regarding our products?

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