When talking about parking revenue systems I just have to mention our updated more convenience packed Hamilton Gold Line Parking “Autocashier”… The freshly redesigned Hamilton Gold Line Parking Autocashier is an in-lane paystation which is installed at the entrance or exit of a lot or parking garage. It has the ability to accept $1 through $20 dollar bills as well as quarters, metal tokens and Hamilton's exclusive "Tokenote" paper tokens. Change is returned in quarters from the self-replenishing hopper (a dollar coin option is available). Having been completely redesigned electronically it has a wonderfully sharp LED display, Voice prompts that walk the customers through an easy transaction process, a “PAY HERE” lighted stainless steel hood for easy spotting and if that was not enough the GL-ACW-P now has the added convenience of a printed receipt dispenser option as well as credit card acceptance. Audit reports may be printed from the receipt printer or faxed daily to a fax machine or PC when the credit card option is installed. It is designed for fixed rate situations, however the GL-ACW-P has been enhanced with up to 9 programmable parking rates for automatic changes on a daily and weekly basis or even to accommodate any special events. This increase in flexibility provides the opportunity to adjust fees easily and more frequently. The “Autocashier” works with the Hamilton Time Pass Parking Control system (which is equipped with the LAN Software and the D.A.N.)… The Time Pass Ticket Dispenser issues a secure 9 digit encrypted ticket at the entrance of the lot. Ticket dispensing can be triggered by loop sensor or by simply pressing the button. When the ticket is removed from the machine, the entrance gate is activated, also for easy local programming the Audit Pro handheld programmer is included with the system. Then the “Autocashier”, stationed at the exit of the facility, calculates the fee, displays the amount, accepts payment, returns change and operates the exit gate. Of course using the “Autocashier” all fees may be collected via cash, tokens, Tokenotes, or credit card. For commercial/industrial customers who wish to collect a record of their transaction, a receipt printer is included on the Autocashier. The beauty of the system is that the Time Pass System allows you to have up to 8 Ticket Dispensers and up to 8 Autocashiers in any combination. But if you find yourself in need of a Parking Revenue System with qualities such as reliability and durability, By all means give us a call and let us design a system that works for your specific needs at a reasonable price. Have questions regarding our products?

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