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EMX Industries is one of the leading innovators in the industry as far as access control systems and sensors are concerned. The company offers a wide range of applications that are as effective as they are versatile.

Who Is EMX Industries?

Founded by Joe Rozgonyi in 1987, EMX Industries, Inc. is one of the foremost leading innovators of specialty sensors that play a vital role in the factory and process automation industry.

The company specializes in manufacturing high-performance optical sensors designed to perform at the highest possible speeds while offering fine resolution and an extended range.

The company observes strict adherence to ISO 9001 quality controls, ensuring that every product produced by EMX Industries is of the highest possible quality.

EMX Industries offers a full range of optical sensors, including:

  • RGB Color Sensors
  • Tin-side Detection
  • Phosphorescence
  • Light Measurement
  • Opacity and Turbidity
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • UV Luminescence
  • Label

The company is also one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of access control systems used commercially and privately across the country. EMX Industries has worked at the top of the industry with access control, fence and door security, automatic gates, motion detectors, vehicle detection, and parking markets.

The sensors produced by EMX Industries are ideal for detecting the presence of both people and vehicles.

Some of the access control products manufactured by the company include:

  • Inductive
  • Microwave
  • Magnetic
  • Magnetoresistive
  • Ultrasonic
  • Infrared

The company fully focuses on safety and is a commendable participant in the DASMA committee on UL325 specifications.

EMX Industries' Management and Operations

As of September 21, 2018, Joe Rozgonyi stepped down as CEO of the company to be replaced by Joseph Williams IV, who remains in the role. This occurred after Joe Rozgonyi sold his shares in the company to Watervale Equity Partners of Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Rozgonyi remains a consultant to the company through his retirement.

The company operates out of its manufacturing facility based in Cleveland, Ohio. It remains committed to providing its customers in the access control industry with the best service and products possible. All the managers at the company retained their positions through the transition and remain ready to keep providing their customers with the best application-driven sensors.

Reasons to Buy from EMX Industries Inc.

As far as brand recognition goes, EMX Industries is one of the best in the industry. That alone, however, isn't reason enough to trust the company and maybe even buy from them. Here are some more excellent reasons why you should consider doing business with EMX Industries if you are in the market for access control products and sensors:

Peace of Mind

EMX Industries is an active member of strict standard bodies such as the DASMA committee on UL325 specifications, which regulate industry terms and ensure that manufacturers adhere to the highest possible safety standards.

You can always depend on the company to produce the best and safest products on the market today. This kind of peace of mind is unmatched, especially for clients who rely on these products to provide them with security for their homes or commercial properties.

Easier Decision Making

If you typed "access control systems" into your browser today, you would undoubtedly get millions of hits with thousands of available options. Not every one of these options is the right fit for you, but they will try to convince you otherwise. One way to rise above all that noise and clutter is to simply search by brand.

Since you already know that brands such as EMX Industries are reliable and have decades of reputation to uphold, you are going to find what you need from their product catalog. You can also rest assured that what you find will be of the highest possible quality at affordable prices.

Value Addition

The one thing you can always rely on long-standing brands such as EMX Industries to deliver is value for money. These brands take their time and invest a great deal of money researching and developing their products.

By the time the product hits the market, there's enough data to suggest that it will provide excellent value for money to their clients. Yes, in some cases, you will find cheaper generic versions of the same products, but these options don't come with nearly as much guarantee of quality as those provided by a reliable brand.

Excellent Customer Service

Big brands with a reputation to uphold, such as EMX Industries, go through great pains to provide their customers with the best possible customer and after-sales service. These brands understand the power of word-of-mouth and take each and every customer query very seriously. You will often find brands such as EMX Industries investing heavily in their customer service departments. Almost as heavily as they invest in their R & D departments.

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As one of the best manufacturers of access control systems and sensors, EMX Industries has spent decades horning its craft and proudly sits at the very pinnacle of the industry.

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