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Established in 1948, DoorKing Inc. is one of America’s leading names in the access control industry. The company is renowned for manufacturing top-of-the-line telephone entry systems, access control systems, and vehicular gate operators, among other entry security systems.

The company offers complete access control solutions with training and technical support for all its customers.

This review is for you if you are considering buying and installing DoorKing access control in your home or business. We highlight the features, costs, and benefits of having one or more of the company’s products in your building.

DKS Overview

DoorKing Inc. (or DKS, as the company is also known) has its headquarters in California with several sales offices throughout the United States.

Leveraging cutting-edge wireless communication technology, DKS manufactures affordable access control systems, allowing customers to choose from various security systems and features to meet their needs, no matter their budget.

Besides designing innovative products, DKS stands out with its unrivaled customer service. Purchasing any of the company’s access control products and solutions allows customers to enjoy robust technical support and training.

DoorKing Key Features

The specific product features vary between series and models, but the company’s modern access control systems offer the following key features:

  • Stores between 600 and 3,000 telephone numbers
  • Stores between 1,000 and 8,000 entry codes or access tokens
  • PC programmable
  • Capable of importing and exporting database
  • Capable of capturing and viewing live streaming and transactions
  • Remote account manager and transaction analysis software 
  • Capable of interfacing with wired and wireless card readers (up to 48 units)

DoorKing Access Control Series and Models

DoorKing 1830 Series

The PC programmable DoorKing 1830 series includes top-notch access management models designed to hold thousands of access tokens and phone numbers.

Besides offering customizable directory codes, most models in this series can display the directory by pressing the call button. Also, they can interface with elevators and integrate with both wireless and wired access devices.

The 1830 series include the following models:

  • DoorKing 1833
  • DoorKing 1834
  • DoorKing 1835
  • DoorKing 1837

DoorKing 1800 Series

Small and medium-sized establishments will find the 1800 series quite suitable, as it allows two-way communication to identify visitors before granting access.

Models in this series include:

  • DoorKing 1802
  • DoorKing 1803
  • DoorKing 1808
  • DoorKing 1810

DoorKing Access Plus 1800 Series

The DoorKing Access Plus enables voice communication through a PC programmable telephone entry system at the entry point. Thanks to their slim design, the models in this series are suitable for applications with limited space.

This series includes the following models:

  • DoorKing 1802 Access Plus
  • DoorKing 1808 Access Plus
  • DoorKing 1810 Access Plus
  • DoorKing 1812 Access Plus

Customizing any of these models is straightforward, and they all support POTL, VolP, and LTE connectivity.

Price of DoorKing Access Control System

The cost of DoorKing products depends on the system series and model, add-ons, and extra features.

Here’s a quick pricing overview of the different models.

  • Model AP 1802: $1,317
  • Model 1802 EPD: $763
  • Model 1803: $893
  • Model 1808: $$834
  • Model AP 1808: $975
  • Model 1810: $1,480
  • Model AP 1810: starts at approximately $1,936
  • Model AP 1812: starts at approximately $1,717
  • Model 1833: $1,731
  • Model 1834: $2,694
  • Model 1835: $3,951 
  • Model 1837: $5,803

Note that the above are approximate prices per set or station and do not include the cost of installation. The exact product price will depend on where you are buying from. We recommend making your DoorKing purchases from authorized vendors like All Security Equipment.

Benefits of DoorKing Access Control

Why should you choose DoorKing access control products over the competition? Many homeowners and businesses choose DKS because it is a well-respected company that offers not just products but solutions. 

Some of the key benefits you’ll get from choosing DoorKing include:

Wide Range of Products and Services

DoorKing offers a wide range of access control products, including (but not limited to):

  • Digital keypads
  • Magnetic gate locks
  • Magnetic door locks
  • Standalone card readers
  • Multi-door access controllers
  • Proximity card readers
  • Radiofrequency controllers

You are sure to find something suitable from the stables of DoorKing, no matter the access control or security needs for your home or business.

High-Quality Hardware

DKS has been around for over seven decades, making it one of the companies in the access control industry with vast experience!

In addition to being the first company to use electric magnetic limits and microprocessors in its vehicular gate operators and parking controls, DoorKing has continued to revolutionize many access control designs in the industry.

The company is known for using high-quality materials in its product design. Plus, all materials are locally sourced and manufactured in the United States.

Affordable Products and Access Control Solutions

DKS access control products cut across a wide price range, so customers can choose security solutions that match their budget.

For example, the company has sophisticated Telephone Entry Systems costing well over $3,500 and simple but highly-effective programmable Digital Locks with price tags in the vicinity of $250.

Manage Your Security System From Your Smartphone

DoorKing customers can easily access and keep track of their security systems, regardless of where they are. This is possible using the SmartOpen application available for Android Smartphones.

The SmartOpen app also lets users activate their entry code by simply touching the DoorKing digital keypad with the back of their Smartphone (provided the app is open on the phone).

Outstanding Customer Service

You can enjoy training and technical support once you buy any DoorKing product. And besides high-quality products and solutions, the company offers amazing customer service. It’s easy to sense the genuine interest in helping customers get the best positive experience possible when you contact customer support. 

Safeguard Your Home or Business With DKS

DoorKing is a solid choice when it comes to foolproof security, which explains why many homeowners and businesses choose the brand’s security solutions.

If you are interested in improving your building’s security, consider browsing through our collection of DoorKing products to find something that meets your security needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to assist you further.

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