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LiftMaster myQ's Community subscription plans are designed to provide comprehensive, flexible access control for gated homes, apartments, and other multifamily communities. myQ offers a variety of subscription plans to meet the needs of any community, from gated homes to large property management companies with hundreds of multifamily units.

  • Small Properties and Gated Homes
    Single family homes with gates or multifamily buildings with 2-9 units can conveniently manage entrances with a Smart Video Intercom.
  • Mid-size Properties
    Owners and managers of properties with 10 to 49 units can conveniently manage all entrances and enhance security.
  • High-rise and Gated Communities
    Managers of properties with 50+ units can conveniently manage all entrances, enhance security and empower residents with award-winning access to apps.

myQ smart access products are designed for your convenience and security, and their subscription plans offer the flexibility to choose the features that best fit your community. In this blog post we will be focusing on the plan for the CAPXLV and CAPXM telephone entry systems.

Discover the myQ Smart Community Subscription Benefits

Maximize Efficiency Property managers will receive reports and alerts of critical events and can monitor access credentials with 24/7 oversight. ”Plus, the myQ Community web platform streamlines tenant information management, enhancing property manager productivity and resident experience through an integration partnership with RealPage, Yardi, Entrata, and more.”

Modernized Guest Entry Residents have the ability to view and verify guests’ identities—and grant access from anywhere— with the myQ Community app.

Residents can grant access from anywhere With the myQ Community app, residents can unlock any authorized entrance / elevator / garage from their smartphones. Now, it’s easier than ever for residents to let themselves in or open the door for someone else.

Quick pass to pizza Share virtual guest passes from the myQ Community app so your visitors can get in without waiting for you to pick up the phone.

Enhanced Security Property managers can playback and download stored video clips corresponding to access events for greater accountability and traceability.

Data protection Cloud-based security protects data and safeguards resident information so property managers don’t have to rely on physical databases.

myQ Community App 2.0

myQ Community app is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of its users. Whether it's adding new features or making improvements to existing ones. The latest update includes a number of new features.

LiftMaster myQ Community App Features

Smart Community Access Package for the CAPXLV and CAPXM

myQ's new pricing model gives homeowners and property management companies alike the peace of mind that comes with knowing their property is well-protected. Starting with the base package at just $43 a month, myQ's comprehensive suite of features offers round-the-clock security, remote access to monitoring and control, and real-time alerts in the event of any suspicious activity. myQ also provides a wide range of customization options to ensure that each customer's needs are met. Whether you're looking for basic security monitoring or want to add an extra layer of protection with our advanced features, myQ has a plan that's right for you.

In case more access points need to be added to your subscription, our American-based team of experts is always available to help. Simply call us at 305-437-9757 and we'll be happy to provide you with more pricing information.

Subscription includes
  • Cloud Database Management
  • Remote Access Controls & Event Monitoring
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Live Video-Stream
  • 24 Hour Free Video Storage
  • Property Management Software Integrations

Monthly Subscription Example

To help you have a better idea of the potential cost of your monthly myQ community subscription plan, here is an example with a complete system in place.

  • 2 Access Points (1 CAPXM and 1 CAP2D)
  • 50 App Licenses (30 Included & 20 Additional)
  • Voice Service (1 CAPXM)
  • 30-Day Video Storage (1 CAPXM)
Items Price
2 Access Points and
30 myQ Community App Licenses
Additional myQ Community App Licenses (20 at $1 each)
VoIP Service on 1 CAPXM ($10 + taxes)
30-Day Video Storage on 1 CAPXM (Optional)
Total Monthly Subscription
LiftMaster myQ Technology | All Security Equipment

myQ a Smarter Way In for Any Property Type

From gated homes to large property management companies with hundreds of multifamily units, the myQ Community Monthly Subscription is a great value for your money. You can contact us if you have any type of question about our this service. We would be happy to help you in any way that we can. Thanks for reading!

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