How about we talk today about the heavy duty, super commercial, very rugged and reliable Magnetic Autocontrol Barrier Gates. Let’s start with the crown jewel of the family, the stuff that Magnetic shows off with, the TOLL, TOLL PRO and TOLL HISPEED. The Toll barrier is the perfect barrier solution for high traffic toll systems. The barriers are available in two standard colors, white or orange. Each Toll contains the MGC control unit, 1.3 second open and close speeds, selectable auto-open on power failure, built in dual channel loop detector, additional optional swing away flange, and round MicroBoom. The Toll Pro barriers are specifically designed for high use toll systems with lightning fast times of 0.9 seconds, on top of all the options that its little brother (The TOLL) offers with the added performance of the MGC-Pro controller. Now the Toll Hi Speed barriers are suited highway type toll systems with short opening times of 0.6 seconds… the Hi Speed version offers an even higher number of cycles, dual-motor drive unit, and a specific MGC controller without loop detector. These are then followed by the always reliable and dependable Parking PRO Series; these barriers are specially made for parking systems. They are designed for high functionality that works well in any parking lot or garage, with an opening time of 1.3 seconds and a max arm length of 12 feet and now it comes in four color options, white, orange, light grey, and dark grey. Armed with the MGC PRO control unit they offer a series of options like programmable I/O, selectable auto-open on power failure feature, multiple open/close speeds, an integrated 2-channel loop detector module and a VarioBoom gate arm with a protective foam edge. Which brings us to the Access PRO… these stylish barriers are probably the most cost effective barrier solution for access control to public garages and parking areas, company premises, or any other access control application that requires entry/exit thru a vehicular lane. With a gearbox suited for the longer arms and with an opening time of 4 seconds and a max arm length of 20 feet, like all Magnetic equipment it is now also available in four color options, white, orange, light grey, and dark grey and also contain the MGC PRO control unit with programmable I/O, multiple open/close speeds, an integrated 2-channel detector module, additional expansion options with plug-in modules, and a VarioBoom gate arm with a protective foam edge. Now this Access series also offers the Pro-H model with all the same great features as the Access Pro but here the housing is taller in height and comes with a straight MicroBoom instead of a VarioBoom so it allows the use of the GS01 boom skirt to makes it impossible for those pedestrian that insist on walking under the arm to do so, and the also offers the gigantic, huge XL model capable of lifting a 28’ to 33’ arm in 8 seconds… Of course all the same, cool features you’ve come to expect from Magnetic are still available, like the articulated boom, breakaway flange, battery backup and custom colors along with some very cool and useful new ones… So if you haven’t looked at Magnetic Autocontrol lately, swing by and take a look , you may just like what you see! OK guys I’ve been writing these blogs for quite some time now and would love to get your opinion on the content… or if you have anything at all you would like to talk about, please feel free to ask or let me know. Your input is always appreciated. Have questions regarding our Magnetic Autocontrol Barrier Gates products?

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