How about a two way communicator that works like a door bell and rings thru all the phones in your home like a Tele-entry system at a fraction of the cost? The outside unit or door bell is standard size (meaning a standard two gang box) and has camera housing where you are able to fit a standard 1”X1”pinhole camera, the actual button lights up and is now available in brass, brushed brass, aluminum and black finishes. How does it work you might ask? I crack myself up sometimes… Well you simply run a CAT5 from where you are mounting your DoorBell Fon to the location/premises D-Marc or to the input of your telephone system, you plug the incoming line into the DoorBell Fon Controller and you go from the controller to the distribution point of the home or business telephone system. As you may have several door stations with the DoorBell Fon, each station will have a distinct ringtone; it has a call waiting feature and has multiple location door/gate release applications as it is a completely modular and customizable system. Get this, you only need two conductors to connect the door station to the base, but if you are using CAT5 the distance between the door station and the controller unit can be up to 2000’, it will program for a N.O. /N.C. on the relays allowing you to use it on a gate, a door strike or on a maglock without any extra parts required and are available for 1 through 16 button door stations. With the controllers starting at under $250.00 these really are an inexpensive yet very elegant alternative to the question of “How do my guests notify me they’re at my gate, and how do I let them in?” Now you have an alternative to the large bulky telephone entry system. So check out these really cool and practical DoorBell Fon units and give us a call to help you put together a really cool, modern, sleek and practical solution to the notification issue!!! Have questions regarding our Doorbell Fon products?

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