OK Techies, let’s talk about service calls, service trucks and all the other wonderful stuff you go thru the day dealing with… I am sure that all of you out there have your own hand tools, power tools, specialty tools and some tools that you have designed and built for your own ease of work! However there are a few items that everyone should keep on a truck that does commercial and gated community service, one of the most frequently used barriers is the Mega Arm so it is imperative that you use the LIF-MA001 Board (which works with the Megaswing and Megaslide by simply swapping out the logic chip), also the LIF-MA003 24VDC motor, again this works with all Megaarms, Megaswings and Megaslides. Older LiftMaster operators will require you to have a ‘GL Board’ or the K-001A5566, then there is the ‘OMNI Board’ or the Q400E and this pretty much covers all of your LiftMaster – Elite/ Chamberlain operators . If you are dealing with the Door King systems you’ll need a DK1601, DK4502 and DK 4602 for the operators and a DK2340 Battery Backup board. If it is Apollo you service the 635-636/835-836/ETL/ 1050… These boards service all the Nice/Apollo operators Along with a sleuth of peripherals like loop detector and other safety devices which should be multi voltage for economy and convenience… So let’s stock our trucks and don’t return for service recalls Have questions regarding our LiftMaster or Apollo replacement parts?

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